Naturalization Project
"Marion's Meadow"

Naturalization is very different from beautification...Schoolyard naturalization focuses on process rather than product. The ultimate goal is for all participants to learn the steps it takes to create a naturalized site. The real benefits...come when students are involved in every step. (taken from “Grounds for Change - A Users Guide to Schoolyard Naturalization)

Objectives of the Naturalization Project

1. Improve school grounds.
2. Restore areas of natural habitat to provide an interesting landscape for creative play and learning.
3. Promote understanding of nature in urban areas.
4. Empower students to take positive action in shaping their school environment.

Mission Statement

To involve students and the school community in the process of creating a natural habitat for play and learning.

Check out some of the images from our naturalization area, called "Marion's Meadow" ... I hear there is an "official sign post" in the works!
Thanks again to those currently working on this project.

Thank you once again to the many parents and volunteers who helped make "Marion's Meadow" a reality. Thanks again to those who continue to monitor the growth, development and sustainability of this natural area for students, and the community at large.
Harry Chase, MLA for Calgary-Varisty, officially opens "Marion's Meadow" to the public. Did you know that Harry Chase was a teacher before joining the political life and even taught at FE Osborne, right beside Marion Carson!