Time line for the Naturalization Project at Marion Carson School

Present - June 2005

Developing vision and creating a "wish list".

This is achieved through surveying all students and staff. The committee is

providing a survey questionnaire for teachers to help with their brainstorming

sessions. A curriculum link handout is also attached for reference.

Develop mission statement and name of naturalized area.

Start site surveys.

Fence additional play area

September - October 2005

Pre-design stages

Site surveys of the proposed naturalization area are to be completed. These

include: plotting existing trees and plants, temperature, wind, wildlife, etc.

Survey community and parents.

November 2005

Preliminary Design

Using the above wish lists and site surveys, the committee and a landscape

designer will work on creating preliminary designs to be presented to all

stakeholders for approval.

January - June 2006

Focus on Fundraising

Ongoing fundraising will possibly include a school-wide spell-a-thon (January).

The committee will attend a fundraising workshop (March).

A final design will be chosen with details as to exact plants chosen, etc, therefore

making an exact budget available.

The committee will develop a strategic plan for the implementation of the project.

This will include labor, materials, equipment, etc. needed, and how to ask for

volunteers and gifts in kind.

September 2006

We are considering a math-a-thon to continue fundraising for the project.

The committee will start applying for matching grants

January 2007

Preparation for installation

Asking for volunteers

Planning the planting process

Planning a celebration and how to recognize all necessary parties

February 2007

Committee will attend a Prep for Installation workshop

April 2007

Committee will attend a maintenance workshop

May - June 2007