Welcome to "The Cottage"

Mr. Wiedener's Grade 6 class

click on the above image to get to the D2L site

Parents & Students: "The Cottage" heavily utilizes D2L for everything from daily homework, notes and other digital or on line resources. D2L is our "everyday" tool. This is a web-based resource that can only be accessed via a user identification number and password. Thus, it is more "controlled" and a "safer" environment for classroom students.

Students log in with their "9 digit CBE student number."
Your password is your "CBE email password."
Parents should have the above information so they can have access to this site.

Our school website and classroom web page is more of a showcase to the "outside world."










Please find below, three examples of what the D2L environment "looks like" for navigation purposes only.
Students are shown how to navigate through D2L and will then educate parents about this educational resource.

D2L eg

D2L eg 3

D2L eg 2

teacher in "jail"

And kids thought school was tough ... try being a techer!
[from our field trip to the Police Interpretive Centre in support of the Evidence & Investigations science unit]

























... the truth is out there