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At Marion Carson, we provide an exciting French as a Second Language program to grades 4, 5, and 6.

This year, the Grade 4’s, 5’s and 6's receive half an hour of French instruction daily. There are some teachers who teach French to their own homeroom. Most Grade 5's and Grade 6's go to the "French Room" for their French instruction, taught by myself, Mme. McClure. I strive to make the French classroom an environment in which students are immersed in French language and culture.

I have the philosophy that students will learn a language best when they have to use it in situations that are as “real life” as possible, and which are motivating to them. An example of this is the Grade 5 unit about healthy snacks and nutrition. The students create their own recipes, in French, for a snack that they would enjoy and that is nutritious. Then they bring the ingredients to school and demonstrate to the rest of the class how to prepare the snack in a “cooking show” format, speaking entirely in French.

The emphasis, in elementary French, is on speaking and listening skills first, then transferring that knowledge to reading and writing. A huge emphasis is on a student’s effort and participation.

To further an interest in French and to give the students an opportunity to extend their experience in the language and culture, I offer both a Grade 5 and a Grade 6 French Club. Each club works to accomplish a particular goal. The Gr. 6’s organize and host the “Carnaval de Marion Carson” – an adaptation of the Quebec winter carnival in the school’s gym. The whole school attends throughout the day, and everyone has a lot of fun! Check out the 'official Quebec Carnaval' web site ... perhaps you are looking for a winter holiday? Also, the Grade 5’s prepare for and host a French Café (Francais Café) after school in the library. This has always been a very popular event for parents and teachers to attend.

I am proud of our French program and of all the students who show so much enthusiasm for learning a second language.

TBA, French teacher

• In 2012, the French Cafe will be held on May 03, @ 3:45-5:30 pm in the library.

Div II French Curriculum Overview --

Grade 4 vocab page

Grade 4 – Term 1

- days of the week
- seasons
- weather
- numbers 1-31
- age, birthdays

- symbols
- colours
- costumes

Grade 4 – Term 2
My Classroom/ My School
My Family
Activities/ Hobbies

Grade 4 – Term 3

Who am I?

- physical and personality traits
- likes and dislikes
- parts of the body
- more numbers
- operations
- shapes

Grade 5 vocab page

Grade 5 – Term 1
- telling time
- parts of the day
-daily schedule of activities
Les Matieres
- subjects in school
- school timetable
Les vetements
- clothing (continuing)

Grade 5 – Term 2
Healthy School Snacks
: nutrition, food groups, meal planning, creating healthy snacks

Grade 5 – Term 3
My Home

- types of dwellings
- rooms in a house
- structure of a room
- furniture, appliances
Our Friends – The Animals
- farm and wild animals
- physical traits and habitats
Le Festival du Voyageur

Grade 6 vocab page

Grade 6 – Term 1
Healthy Eating
- nutrition, food groups
- extensive food vocabulary
- eating /interacting at a restaurant
- reading a menu
- creating a menu

Grade 6 – Term 2
Le Carnaval de Quebec
Sports / Physical activities

Grade 6 – Term 3
My Neighbourhood
- transportation
- people/professions
- buildings/places
- a plan/map of a neighbourhood

French Numbers

Telling Time in French

French as a Second Language Program of Studies (Alberta Education)