"Mission It's Possible: Operation Orff "
-- Div II, April 22 & 23, 2009 Musical
-- Marion Carson School


The Div II (grades 4-6) will have their performance on April 22 & 23, 2009 at FEO in their gym (FEO is the Jr. High School we share a parking lot with).

Spring Concert Class Schedule (who performs which night)
all students are expected to attend as everyone has a part in the musical
eg. 6W = Grade 6, Mr. Wiedener's students

Wednesday April 22, 2009
Thursday April 23, 2009
4B/D, 4A, 5B, 5C, 6D, 6F, 6K
4G, 5G, 5M, 5R, 6M, 6W

Drop off students at around 18:30 at Marion Carson in your child's homeroom class.
Show ** usually*** starts at 19:00 at FEO in their gym.
Pick up students AFTER the show at Marion Carson in your child's classroom due to safety and costume issues.

Thank you to all those who will show an interest to lend support on this special "mission" for this production.
Students are to wear all BLACK
(or dark, dark pants & shirts, long sleve shirts if you can).

***Reminder, we will be collecting "$change$ to make change" to support the "Pennies for Peace" drive ***
so please check your pockets, the back seat of the car or couch & the bottom of your purse to help in this initiative
*** Please think of those less fortunate than us as we celebrate the performances of our children.***

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to memorize your part in the concert
... this message will self destruct in 10 seconds or less ...

What is ORFF?

Carl Orff, composer of the popular orchestral work "Carmina Burana" [since made even more famous in some beer commercials] developed a process for teaching children music. He sought to create a way in which all children could be involved in the making and learning of music. The process starts from the simple and builds to the complex so that regardless of skill or background, all children could be engaged in all aspects of music making.

The music program at Marion Carson, under direction of Melanie Draper, reflects intentional instruction based on the Orff process. All children are invited to participate in a multi-faceted program of study that includes: singing, movement and dance, instrument playing, just a touch of drama and much, much more. The students experience a wide variety of activities that foster skill development and understanding of key musical concepts such as: rhythm, expression, melody and harmony. Research supports our belief that the study of music prepares the child for learning in ALL areas. No other activity stimulates the math and linguistic centres of the brain than the "doing" of music.

Mission It's Possible: Operation Orff

Going on a Mission
Let's Make Music
Jubilate Deo
Drumming and Siyahumba
Mbira Jam
Bach -- Badinerie
Going on a Mission: Reprise


The Div II Spring Concert held on April 22 and 23, 2009 was an Orfftastic event! Great job Div II students! With our Pennies for Peace drive, we raised $829.06! Not including what was raised by Parent Council with the Spring Fling Dance! Well done students!
































































Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi from http://www.anthea2.freeuk.com/carminaburana/