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Marion Carson Newsletters 2017-18

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  • Provincial Achievement Tests
  • In May and June of each year, the students in grade 6 and 9 write provincial achievement  tests. Results often become available in October to schools, and get released in November to parents.
  • Alberta Learning’s purpose in testing students in these grades is to: determine whether students are learning what they are expected to learn, inform Albertans about students’ achievement relative to provincial standards, and to assist schools, school authorities, and the province in monitoring and improving student learning.
  • Our students continue to demonstrate a solid performance on these achievement tests as noted in the following table.  We acknowledge the importance of teamwork between the home and school in providing rich learning experiences for our children.  We will continue to consider our students’ performance in the context of broad-based assessment results. We know the achievement tests, to be but one measure, of the fine work accomplished by staff and particularly, students, at Marion Carson.  Everyone can be very proud of their accomplishments.