Calgary Board of Education

For Parents

Please find below some resources that pertains to our school, in alphabetical order.

Behaviour Tip Sheet Tip sheet for parents to help support positve behaviour at home.

Web awareness in the CBE

Digital Citizenship Letter + Form/Contract (Marion Carson)

Electronic Devices Reminder: Students are reminded that electronic devices of any kind are not to be brought to school for entertainment purposes.  Please note that these devices may be confiscated.  Unless parents have signed the Digital Citizenship form, these devices cannot be used in class.  The use of personal electronic equipment for "educational reasons" while at school is the philosophy for the appropriate use of personal electronic devices, and thus the Digital Citizenship contract.  It is acknowledged that some of you have cell phones, however please note, these must be turned off during the school day.  If parents need to get in contact with students during the school day, because it is of an urgent matter, they are to make contact through the office.  If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact our school administration.  If you require a Digital Citizenship form, these contracts can be picked up at the office OR you can download a form from this link Digital Citizenship Letter + Form/Contract

Email contact. In our continuing efforts to reduce paper usage, we send out newsletters and notices electronically via email to parents.  In order for us to place you on our distribution list, please make sure your email address is updated and current in our system.  We usually do this near the beginning of the year when we ask you to review the demographic information sent home.  Thank you.

Handbook for Students & Parents (includes the discipline policy, a year at a glance, school times, ect.)

Lunchroom Rules (pdf)

Parent Teacher Interviews: book your interviews online with your child's teacher. Create a My CBE Account
       Parents, for general information about using the online booking system and first time users

Parent Teacher Interviews (for parents of ESL students) Demystify parent/ teacher interviews and familiarize parents with our school system. In many languages.

Naturalization Project (Marion's Meadow)

Fees -- online fee payment create a My CBE Account to pay many fees online

School Hours see calendar page

Parking Information

ESL websites Parents of ESL students may find this a good place to start for online resources.

Alberta Learning Inspiring Education:

Ministerial Order:

Bill 44 Implementation. Alberta Human Rights Act, Section 11.1

Nominate a teacher: Excellence in Teaching AwardsAPEGGA Teacher Awards, Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence, Grand & Toy's "A Day Made Better" campaign, [also see Marion Carson Accolades for associated infomation]

Media Awareness. Use this link to access resources that you can use at home to help your child safely use the Internet, E-mail and MSN.

New to Canada? Check out this video.

Tips & Tools for Parents to help your child (in multiple languages as well!)