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Upcoming Events


June 1-3 - SoundKreation Residency

June 3 – Volunteer Tea
June 6 – Late Entry 12:49p.m. No AM Kindergaten
June 8 – Gr. 2’s to Telus Spark and Gr. 4’s to Environmental Expo
June 9 – Staff Appreciation Lunch
June 10 – Last Day of Homework; Popcorn Day
June 15 – Kindergartens All Day Field Trip to Butterfield Acres.
June 16 - School Dance 6 pm
June 17 – Last day of Uniforms
June 21 – School Council Meeting 7:00p.m.
June 22 – STOMP for parents 2:00p.m.; Used Uniform Sale 3:30 - 5:30 pm
June 23 – STOMP for students 9:00a.m.
June 24 - Fun Lunch, Spirit Day and Sports Day. Report Cards go home.
June 27 –Early Dismissal 12:30p.m. No PM kindergarten. Last Day of School.
June 28 – Appeals Day – No School for Students
June 29 –Organizational Day – No School for Students
Sept 6 – First Day of School
Sept 22 – Early Dismissal 12:30p.m.No PM Kindergarten
Sept 23 – Non-Instructional Day





Kindergarten blog


May newsletter


Dec. 16, 2015 | New School Opening in Panorama Hills


TLC Program (powerpoint presentation)


May 11, 2015 | Reminder Notice: Traditional Learning Centre Designations in Area II


Click here for some ideas on safety at drop-offs


Severe Peanut Allergies: Why we need to avoid having peanuts at school


Parent/Teacher Conferences



Monthly Virtue Focus | June




Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends
Brian Tracy

The excellence that we wish our children to pursue is not measured against a mark or another student. Each person has gifts to bring to the world that are unique and valuable. Some are born with a talent for art and will become proficient artists; others come blessed with talents in mathematics or in writing. These talents predispose areas of greatness for each child. When measured against a child without the same gifts, these students might look as if they are achieving excellence, but if they are not imbuing what they do with their utmost effort- that is not excellence, Excellence that is to be desired as a virtue demonstrates the effort, determination and perseverance to be the “best self” possible. To fulfill one’s potential through the habit of staying committed to all the hard work needed to “be all you can be,” that is excellence.

All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and
should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way
Martin Luther King, Jr.



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