Calgary Board of Education

About our school


In September 2001, the system principal of Aboriginal Education consulted extensively with the Calgary Aboriginal community to determine how the CBE could further meet the learning needs of the Aboriginal community. The community consultations recommended:

  • a strong academic component.
  • a balance of culture and language.
  • access to technology within a quality environment.
  • a family/community setting.

School Mission

At Piitoayis Family School we will strive to honour the Seven Sacred Teachings of our ancestors: wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility and truth.

Vision Statement

To create a respectful learning environment based on the balance of traditional cultural values and academic excellence. This holistic and meaningful approach will enhance pride and self-esteem, enabling our students to become successful, responsible lifelong learners.

Family Component - Circle of Life

  • Vital to success of family school concept
  • Access to school for parents and families
  • Programming for the youth
  • Parent programs
  • Presence of Elders
  • Ceremonies


  • Increase knowledge and practice of Aboriginal cultures.
  • Promote and support the importance of education to families and students.
  • Empower families through Aboriginal content and culture.
  • Balance education and culture through a whole-person/whole-family approach.

The program includes:

  • Community and agency involvement.
  • Programming for parents and families.

Program grades

Full-day kindergarten and Grades 1 to 6 are offered at our school.

Piitoayis Family School is especially suited for students who:

  • demonstrate an interest in learning through Aboriginal cultures, languages, protocols and ceremonies

Students will learn the Alberta Learning Programs of Study through "the lens of First Nations, Métis and Inuit perspectives and experiences." This means that, when feasible and possible, Aboriginal knowledge will inform and guide the learning process. For example, as part of our Physical Education program, students may learn how to pow wow dance, which will also include learning about the history of Aboriginal dance and the protocols and ceremonies to ensure a holistic understanding.