Calgary Board of Education

The Seven Sacred Teachings

HONESTY represented by the SASQUATCH (Sabe)

Honesty as per dictionary definition:

  • Not willing to cheat or defraud; not deceptive or fraudulent
  • worthy of being depended on
  • marked by truth, facts, real, and/or genuine
  • without pretentions and/or false accusations

“Keep your life simple and speak the truth. Choose honesty and kindness as your guides and happiness will follow you.”
Dave Courchene Jr.

People who are honest are very trustworthy. Being honest makes your life simple and pure. To be honest with yourself is to live in the spirit of how you were created. Never lie or gossip about each other. The more honest you are, the bigger you become as a person.

The basic part of honesty is innocence [free from evil influence or effect]. Honesty meant that being an honourable [respectful] person is free from fraud or deceptions [lies]. Honesty meant a refusal to lie, steal or deceive in any way. The highest honour that one could bestow upon an individual was the saying:
“There walks an honest person; they can be trusted.”

Honesty to the elders meant, being true to yourself. Elders would say:
“Never try to be someone else: - live true to your spirit – be honest to yourself, accept who you are and the way the Creator made you.”

The Sabe which represents this law and teaching symbolically reflects the understanding of honesty. The elders say that when you are honest and have nothing to hide or be ashamed of, your spirit is the size of the Sabe. When you lie or do something bad and hide it from the people, it affects your spirit, not allowing it to grow strong. It does not feel good when you know you have done wrong and hidden it. When one does this, it eats away at your spirit [conscience], suppressing it and not allowing it to grow strong. So in order to have a strong spirit we must be honest to ourselves and to others. To be truly honest was to keep the promises one made to the Creator, to others and to oneself.

Excerpts taken from: Cindy Crowe and Dave Courchene Jr.