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The Seven Sacred Teachings

LOVE represented by the EAGLE

LOVE as per the Merriam -Webster dictionary’s definition:

  • A strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties
  • Affection based on admiration, benevolence or common interest
  • Warm attachment, enthusiasm or devotion
  • Unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another
  • Benevolence: disposition to do good

To feel true love is to know the creator. One’s first love is to be that to the Great Spirit. He is considered the father of all children, the giver of the life enjoyed by a human being. Love expressed and given to the Great Spirit was shown by loving oneself and how the Great Spirit made you. Only then can you truly love others; it was understood that if you could not love yourself, it was impossible to love others. Children are to be loved and cherished, for children are the gifts from the Creator. To have children is to be truly blessed and they are a privilege and not a right; therefore, they must be loved unconditionally.

Everyone needs and seeks the love of others. If one is not loved then that person can be said to be truly alone. One has the love of a parent, a grandparent, siblings, other family members and friends; thus, this heart felt love must be returned to those others as well. However, one is truly not alone if that individual can love oneself. You must enjoy yourself as an individual to be able to return love to others; thus, you will have to become your own best friend that you love.

The Eagle is the animal spirit that was chosen to represent this teaching of love because it is the one who could reach the highest in bringing vision to the seeker. Pure vision from the Creator was most treasured and sought after. The Eagle is the most revered animal spirit in all of First Nations’ societies as it is the one that flies the highest and closest to the Creator. It is the one that can see the farthest and it is the animal that carries the prayers of the people to the spirits. The Eagle is also an animal guide as its feathers are utilized in most if not all spiritual practices and ceremonies. The Eagle is truly respected and loved to the utmost degree and loved unconditionally.

Love is considered the greatest and most powerful medicine and healing agent. But, it is very difficult to achieve and live in a world that does not acknowledge the importance of spirituality. Love is the easiest to explain and I feel the most important teaching as everyone needs to love and to be loved simultaneously. Love all people and all creatures of the world and this love will be returned to you.

Excerpts from: Dave Courchene Jr., and Cindy Crowe