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We now have 9 buses serving our school transportation needs. Please be sure to send a note with your child if there will be a change in buses. Please ensure that your child brings it into the office early in the morning so we can make the changes on the bus boards. Even though we provide transportation, it is the parents responsibility to get the children to school. If you miss the bus, please call 403-287-1335 for assistance.

More Info: Calgary Board of Education - Getting Students to School.



For safety reasons, if you are dropping off or picking up students, please drop off your students in front of the school and not in the parking lot. Children need to be encouraged to walk on the sidewalks and not through the parking lot. We share the parking lot with Colonel Walker and there are no extra spaces available - please do not park in the parking lot.


Visitors in the School

All visitors are required to check in at the front office. For safety reasons, all visitors (including parents/caregivers) are required to sign-in at the front office. A school visitor tag will be provided and MUST be worn at all times. Thank you for helping us to keep our school safe.


Calgary Health Region

Public Health Nurses work with students, parents, and teachers to improve the health and well being of students and families. A public health nurse is available at your school to make sure your children are protected against certain communicable diseases and answer any questions you may have about child’s health.


Cell Phones

Although we realize that the cell phone has become an important communication tool in today’s world, it is not something that students need to be using during the school day. Students who bring cell phones will not be allowed to have them turned on before 3:00 p.m. inside of the school building. If they choose to use them before school or over the lunch hour, they must be outside of the building. In emergency situations, parents needing to contact their children during the day must call the office and speak with one of our secretaries. They will gladly access your child or pass on an urgent message.


Student Valuables

Students are coming to school with very expensive possessions such as iPods, disc men, cell phones, game boys etc.

Unfortunately, such items are very attractive to thieves and sadly many of these items disappear from classrooms, backpacks, busses, and pockets. Parents, please discourage your children from having valuable items with them during the school day. We cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged possessions and we don’t want to see your children disappointed.


Attendance Issues

We will be working closely this year on attendance. We will review any student that has missed five or days in a month. Thank you for your support.



Smoking is strictly prohibited on school property. Students will be suspended if observed smoking and their parents informed.



All K-3 students must have an adult to pick them up from their bus in the afternoon.

For student absences:
Please call the attendance line at 403-777-7860, then press 1. 
Leave a message with the student’s name, the date, the reason for the absence, and the name of the person reporting the absence.  Thank you to all those parents who use the attendance line!

For bus changes:
If a student is going to be picked up after school, or taking a different bus, please send a note with the student to their teacher. Students without notes will be put on their regular bus. Please do not call the classroom teacher to leave messages as the teachers do not check messages until the end of the day.

For parents/volunteers/visitors to the school:
Please sign in and out at the office.

For anyone picking up students:
During school hours, please sign students out at the office.

For concerns or questions regarding busing:
Please contact Southland Transportation at 403-287-1335 or 403-253-9322.

For field trips:
We will not allow students to phone home for verbal consent to go on field trips.  In order for a student to attend a field trip, the permission form (and money when necessary) must be returned by the due date in order for the student to attend the field trip.


Parent Guides for Provincial Achievement Tests

In Grade 6, your child will write Provincial Achievement Tests in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. The provincial achievement tests are written in May and June.

Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs) are part of a balanced, broad-based program of student assessment for Grades 6 and 9 students. The results provide some of the information that guides our educators as they set targets for student achievement and track the results of school improvement initiatives. Visit the CBE website for more information on our studentsí provincial testing?.

Alberta Education provides detailed information in the Provincial Achievemetn Tests web page.

Detailed Information and Practice Questions by Subject Area
For detailed information on each Provincial Achievement Test, see the program of studies card for that subject, where you can find subject bulletins, exemplars, and other resources to be used when preparing students for the tests.

Your Child's Learning
To get an overview of what your child is learning in Grade 6, visit "My Child's Learning - Grade 6 At A Glance". For detailed information by class subject, visit My Child's Learning - Grade 6.


Parent Guide for Student Learning Assessments (SLAs)

Student Learning Assessments (SLAs)? are optional digitally-based provincial assessment tools for Grade 3 that enable both parents and teachers to identify student strengths and areas of growth at the start of the school year. This assessment focuses on "literacy and numeracy". Visit the CBE website for more information on our studentsí provincial testing?.

SLAs are meant to complement, not replace, day-to day teacher observations and classroom assessment.???

Quick Facts for Parents and Guardians
A reference for parents and guardians that covers questions like "What are SLAs?" and "When will I know my child's results"?