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School Council

As a parent or guardian, you are already a member of the Somerset School Council. The council is a forum for parents and community members to work with the school to support and enhance student learning. Your participation and advice contribute to the direction the school takes towards your child's education. Come out to our meetings and get involved! The Friends of Somerset School Foundation (hereafter referred to as FSSF) also meets the same evening focusing on ways to enhance student learning via special events and fundraising. These two groups work together to support the school and enhance student learning opportunities.

Our meetings take place every month, usually on the third Thursday, at 6:30PM in the Somerset School Library. There are no meetings in December, March and June. These dates are subject to change, so please consult the monthly calendar and newsletter. Babysitting is provided in the gymnasium, courtesy of Somerset School Council and FSSF.

Fundraising to enhance student learning and activities to support school community building and belonging at Somerset School – 2017-2018 School Year (pdf)

Upcoming Meetings

Please find our news, upcoming events and meeting dates on our calendar page


The School Council supports the FSSF to organize many events throughout the school year to promote a sense of community and to fundraise to enhance student learning opportunities. For example, the fundraising efforts provide books for the library, math and science materials for the classrooms, technology, special lunches, live theatre presentations, dance residencies, outdoor education and other field trips, and special programs such as the mobile Vancouver Aquarium.

School Council Executive

Chair – Stephanie Pollock
Vice – Kelsey Sheptak
Secretary – Andrea Marsh
Treasurer – Michelle Proulx
Fundraising – Kelsey Sheptak
Special Events – Joey Mah
Special Lunch/Treats – Julie Hardman
Casino – Jeannette Bicknell

To contact any member of the School Council Executive, you can send an email to or leave a message at the school office. We welcome any feedback or suggestions.


Must be a parent of a child attending Somerset School. Duties include:

  • chair all meetings and oversee activities of the Somerset School Council and FSSF;
  • establish an agenda for council meetings, in conjunction with the principal, and members prior to meetings;
  • represent the council or designate an official representative at any official function;
  • ensure that all council business is aligned with the Operating Procedures;
  • facilitate decision making by the council;
  • be the official spokesperson of the School Council; and
  • present an Annual Report to the School Council.


  • assist the Chairperson and assume the duties of the Chair in his or her absence.


  • act as the scribe for all council meetings and ensure the accurate, written recording of all minutes of meetings;
  • record in typed format and make available to attending members, the minutes of all meetings of the council;
  • post minutes of meetings on the school website;
  • assume correspondence duties as required; and
  • maintain a register of council members.


  • monitor, control and present all financial transactions of the council;
  • establish and maintain bank accounts and books as directed by the council;
  • ensure that all debts of the council are paid in a timely manner;
  • receive and deposit all monies of the council prior to the next meeting and before the end of the council year;
  • to prepare and report at each council meeting a statement of financial position, which includes a statement of revenue and expenditures for each fundraising event; and
  • present a treasurer's annual audited report at the Annual General Meeting.

Fundraising Co-ordinators

  • one co-ordinator will be solely responsible for organizing volunteers, paperwork and other materials for the casino fundraiser held every 18 months;
  • one co-ordinator will organize volunteers, paperwork and other materials for all other fundraising events.

Special Lunch Co-ordinators

  • organize volunteers, track receipts and arrange delivery of special lunches and/or snacks throughout the school year;
  • typically one event is organized for each month of the school year.

Volunteer Co-ordinator

  • at the beginning of the school year work with the school secretary to build a list of parents, guardians, and relatives willing to volunteer to help out at school events; and
  • maintain the volunteer list and use it to request and organize volunteers as needed throughout the school year.

Special Events Co-ordinator

  • organize volunteers, track receipts and plan special events decided upon by the council.

Room Parent

  • organize volunteers and facilitate communication between the parents and teachers of their assigned classroom; and
  • act as a liaison between parents and teachers and the school council.

To download a more detailed description of each position, see the Somerset School Council Operating Procedures.