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We know parent-guardian involvement has a significant impact on student learning. Visit the School Council/Parent Association page for how you can get involved and take some time to review the links below.



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Nutrition Month 2015 School Resource Guide (pdf (1 MB)) | Allergies and Anaphylactic Reactions
Head Lice (pdf)

Peanut and Tree Nut Aware Policy and Medically Vulnerable Students

We have students who are medically vulnerable to various situations. Students may have life threatening reactions to peanuts and/or tree nuts.

  • Only send lunches, snacks and special treats that are “peanut-tree nut free”.

Some students may also have life threatening reactions to viral infections like chicken pox, measles, the flu, conjunctivitis and strep throat. This request supports all students as well as those with suppressed immune systems.

  • When children are not well enough to attend school we ask that they stay home to rest and recover, returning to school when symptoms improve. Report the condition/communicable diseases to the school so that we can support medically vulnerable students, all other students, staff, guests to our building to help keep everyone healthy.

If your child is vulnerable please inform the school and complete the Student Medical forms in Forms You Need.

K to 9 Report Card

Our school started using the new report card in the 14-15 school year and continuing with the reporting and assessment timelines that took effect in the 13-14 school year – formal report card the end of January and the end of June with formal opportunities to meet in September, December and March.

Please click on the link below to find out more information and see samples of report cards:
Understanding assessment and reporting

Provincial Testing for Grade 3 Parents

Recently, Alberta Education let us know that Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs) will be replaced with Student Learning Assessments (SLAs). These new diagnostic assessments will be administered at the beginning of the school year rather than at the end of the school year.

Moving testing to the start of the school year provides students, parents and teachers with timely information about each Grade 3 student.  This information can be used throughout the school year to build on each student’s strengths and address challenges as needed.

Between September 14 and October 2, 2015, all grade three students in the province will participate in the second pilot of the Student Learning Assessments (SLAs).  This fall the SLAs are expected to have four components:

  • Literacy:           Performance task (marked locally)
                           Digital component (marked by Alberta Education)
  • Numeracy:        Performance task  (marked locally)
                            Digital component (marked by Alberta Education)

For more information about SLAs, visit Alberta Education.

More information about provincial testing can be found here:



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