Using the internet, investigate a famous Canadian hero.  You will need to know a lot about this hero in order to complete the database.  Each box must be filled in. 

Grade Five students must research three people from three different areas of interest.  Grade Six students must likewise research three people, but one MUST be a pre-approved Canadian political figure.

The family information, dates for birth and death and quotes can sometimes be hard to find.  Look for them on each of the websites but if you can't find them, you can search the internet after you have completed your second record.

The category called "Accomplishments" is what the person did that made him/her a Real Canadian Hero.  This is all of the things they did in their lifetime that YOU think are important.

The category called "Impact" is what difference the accomplishments made to Canada or the world.   WHY is this person a Canadian hero?  This question is what will make you decide which hero to investigate.  If you cannot come up with an impact statement, then you should probably choose a different person.

For instance, Terry Fox's accomplishments were that he attempted to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research.  He did this with only one leg, after having lost his other leg to cancer.  Examples of the impact of this are that he made Canadians more aware of cancer and the need for research, he inspired many Canadians to think about how lucky they were, and that if he could do it, they could.  The impact statement WILL NOT be anywhere on the internet, you must decide for yourself what each person's impact is, based on what their accomplishments are.

If you cannot complete all of the information, move on and talk to Mrs. W. about it at school, but be sure that you have
completely read all of the information on the webpages. 

You may also perform a "boolean" search on a search engine to look for additional information.  When you search the site, type "name of person" AND biography.  Be very careful what sites you choose to visit - remember to read the outline of what the site is about and check where it is from BEFORE visiting any site, and remember all that we have discussed about internet safety.  Good search engines are http://www.yahooligans.com,
http://www.google.ca, or http://www.altavista.com.

Students are strongly encouraged to visit the Online Reference Centre at http://www.learnalberta.ca/refcentre/ to look at information from Electric Library Canada Plus, Electric Library Canada Elementary, Grolier Online and Canadian Encyclopedia. 
You will need the user name and password available from Mrs. W.


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