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Principal's Message | January

Welcome back to our families, students and staff and all the best for a fabulous 2018. We hope that over the winter break you were able to spend some valuable time with your loved ones to build fond memories for years to come and have had the opportunity for relaxation. We are looking forward to seeing our students’ smiling faces and settling back into our learning routines. The community at Sundance School is one to be proud of. During the month of December, students, staff and parents came together to celebrate and to bring an appreciation to many events. First of all, I would like to thank Mrs. Miller for her continued efforts and passion in creating an excellent music program at Sundance School. The talents of our students were evident during the annual Christmas Concert. This year we had over 230 students in both our Division 1 and 2 choirs who showcased their harmonizing voices during their song selections. We enjoyed watching students’ performances using handbells and others who sang and danced. Thank you to the tech crew for choreographing the sound and lighting for our concerts. The success of the concert is attributed to the fabulous students, staff and parents at Sundance School.

It was very humbling to see our community share in the spirit of the season in a multitude of ways. On behalf of our Student Leadership Club, we would like to thank all families who were able to contribute to our Fill a Sock, Fill a Need campaign. The students were so delighted to participate in this campaign. We were able to fill over 85 socks with items donated that were happily delivered to the Calgary Drop-In Center and gratefully received. We would like to thank our families for their generous contributions of non-perishable items for the Annual Mayor’s Food Drive. We have been in a partnership with the Centennial High School leadership students since September where they have been working under the direction of our teachers to help support our students with reading, writing and math. They were very generous during the holiday season and were able to sponsor some of our families in need to ensure that they would have a very Merry Christmas. We are so appreciative of this partnership and of all stakeholders at Sundance School.

Assessment & Reporting

On January 31st, you will receive your child’s first report card. This is a formal document that will communicate your child’s progress and next steps for learning. Teachers and students will continue to be engaged in generating a collection of evidence for your child’s learning. As part of the assessment & reporting process, there should be ongoing communication from your child’s teacher either through conferences, email, IRIS or work samples that go home. This should provide insight into your child’s achievement at school.

How to read a report card: When you receive your child’s report card, your child will be watching your reaction in anticipation. Please take the time to celebrate with your child. We are life-long learners and always have room for improvement. We have been working on creating Growth Mind-Sets with our students to build their resilience skills. Your child’s teacher will construct their comments with these headings; Celebrations/Insights and Next Steps for Learning. These anecdotal comments have been thoughtfully written and personalized for your child by analyzing your child’s collection of evidence from various sources. For further information regarding the assessment and reporting process, please visit the following link on the CBE website:

As teachers and administrators, we are committed to working together with you as parents so your child can have a successful school year.

Cold Weather, Healthy Children and Traffic Safety

During our Canadian winters, the weather can be unkind and sometimes harsh. The CBE has a policy that if it is -20 degrees (with the wind chill) or colder, the students cannot go outside and at Sundance we call that a Blue Day. The students are supervised indoors. If conditions change, students will go outside. Please ensure your that your child comes prepared to go outside when -19 degrees or warmer. It is imperative that they wear a winter coat, winter boots, a toque, and mittens to stay warm. If you are in need of winter clothing, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

We believe a student’s health is an important factor for learning. Good nutrition = good state for learning. Nutritious food and beverages enhance student learning, behaviour and health. We encourage good nutrition at school and invite students to make healthy food choices when bringing snacks to school. Please have a look at the information from the AHS that our school’s nurse, Nashrin Valani has shared with us in this newsletter.

Traffic Safety – Thank you to all parents who have not been using the staff parking lot to drop off or pick up students as this is a very dangerous practice especially in the winter months when road conditions are poor and slippery. It is important that students use the sidewalk and not the parking lot to make their way to their entry doors even if accompanied by a parent or guardian. We appreciate your cooperation with this matter, as keeping students safe is our priority.

Kindergarten registration starts on January 22, 2018 at all CBE schools.

Children must be at least four years old on or before March 1 to start Kindergarten in the fall of the same calendar year. You can use the calculator on our Kindergarten webpage to see if your child is eligible. Every child in Calgary has a designated CBE school that offers regular programming for Kindergarten. Please use our find a school tool to locate your child's designated school. In addition to our excellent regular programs the CBE offers alternative programs. Steps to registering your child: Complete the Student Registration Form. 1. Bring the following documents to the school you want to enroll in: o completed registration form o child's proof of age and legal name (birth certificate or passport) o proof of your address (driver's licence, municipal/federal correspondence, financial/residential documents or a utility bill) Note: If your child is not a Canadian citizen, please call 403-777-7373 to make an appointment to register at Kingsland Centre (7430 – 5 Street SW). More information on Kindergarten can be found on the CBE Kindergarten webpage.

Warm regards,

Micheline Huber, Principal,
Christine Chrumka, Assistant Principal