Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

Welcome and Bienvenue to another fulfilling year of learning and working together. We offer a Kindergarten to Grade 4 program in English and French Immersion. With input from parents and students, we have been able to establish foundational statements to carry our work forward. They have guided the decision-making aspects of the school.

Janet Johnstone School is located in the southwest community of Shawnessy, serving the communities of Shawnessy, Millrise and Shawnee Slopes (English). Students from the communities of Shawnessy, Millrise, Shawnee Slopes, Bridlewood, Somerset, Evergreen and Silverado attend our French Immersion program.

Our mission

Our school community strives for excellence in learning within an inclusive environment.

Our motto

“Better Together”

Together, we are creating a collaborative school culture in which:

• The pursuit of excellence encourages all to be leaders, problem solvers, critical thinkers, and life-long learners.
• The voices of all stakeholders are heard and valued as we work toward our common purpose.
• The school is a fertile environment for mind, body and senses. We plan for meaningful learning experiences and connections that deepen the learner’s understanding. School-wide teaming, valued support of specialists, and active parent involvement enhance our ability to use flexible groups, provide enrichment, and effectively use staff and parent expertise to meet all of our children’s learning needs.
• Staff members learn together through reflective practice.
• Children and adults are nurtured and stimulated in a culture of positive energy, respect for each other and joy. Everyone can take risks in their learning because they feel cared for and safe.