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For Students


Welcome to Kindergarten! We hope that your child's first year at school will be a very special one for you and your child. In order to make the "housekeeping" routines of the Kindergarten classes easier, we have a few requests.

1. Indoor Runners – Each student is requested to leave a pair of runners at school to be worn during class time. Please make sure that these are clearly labeled with your child’s name.

2. Labels – Any removable clothing that the children wear to school must be clearly labeled (i.e. mittens, hats, scarves, sweaters, coats and boots). We always end up donating beautiful clothing articles to the charity in June.

3. Please ensure your child arrives at the school no more than five minutes prior to starting times as the kindergarten doors will be locked until 5 minutes before class time for safety reasons. In order to encourage independence, parents will want their children to come to them at the outside door rather than collecting the children from the classroom. The teachers will escort the children to the Kindergarten doors. In good weather, please wait outside to allow your child to get ready independently. In inclement weather you are welcome to wait in the foyer by the kindergarten entrance.

4. We request that each child carry a book bag or a backpack to school every day, large enough for important notices, newsletters, library books and art projects that go home and easily get destroyed or lost if not carried in a bag. We appreciate your cooperation in returning signed notices as quickly as possible to assist us in our planning.

5. Toys – We ask that children do not bring toys to school as this can sometimes cause problems. The children will have opportunities to share special items with their classmates. More information will be sent home at a later date.

6. To ensure your child’s safety, if someone other than a parent will be picking up your child from school, please pass this information on to your child’s teacher in writing. Children picked up during school time must be "signed out" at the office.

7. We request that children wear appropriate play clothing to school. We have daily physical education and work with paint, glue and other art media. We do have paint shirts for the children but sometimes paint gets on clothes.

8. Please notify the school if your address, phone number (business and home), babysitter or day care changes during the year. It is important to have current information in case of an emergency.

9. The volunteer program will start in October. The sign-up sheet will be located on the bulletin board outside the Kindergarten classrooms.

10. Please notify the school if your child will be absent or late for any reason. Phone: 403-777-8670.

11. Our Nutritious Snack Program will begin on the first full day of classes. The eating of a nutritious snack will take place at a snack table during center time. It is the responsibility of the child to open and dispose of snack garbage. Children will be encouraged to eat the snack sometime during center time. Possible nutritious snack ideas are: cheese, crackers, fruit slices, grapes, small muffin, etc. Due to severe allergies please do not send snacks containing nuts or peanut products. No drinks, gum or candy please.

Please do not hesitate to call us or drop in any time if you wish to speak to us. We encourage open communication!

Your Friendly Kindergarten Team

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