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Principal's Message | November 2017

October activities

Throughout the month of October, we were thankful for all of the activities and learning experiences that took place at the school. Grade 3 students made their own tie-dyed T-shirt and learned a dance that they performed at the last assembly. The Handbell club for grade 4 and the Choir club for grades 3 and 4 started this month and will continue until December. Students in grade 2 went to Heritage Park to study life in the past in the context of their social studies. Safety Day provided our students in kindergarten, grades 1 and 2 an opportunity to review pedestrian safety just prior to their Halloween outings the following week. The Halloween Dance was a great success and we thank all of the organizers and the parents, who volunteered and contributed to making the evening great fun for all of the families.

November events

School-wide events

  • November is the month of remembrance. Parents and guardians are invited to attend our Remembrance Assembly planned for November 10th at 10:30 am in the gym.
  • As in the past, we are also having a Veterans Food Drive that will start prior to Remembrance Day. Food will be collected in each class from November 6th to the 10th. You will receive a letter with the details about the event.
  • A Fun Lunch is planned for November 16th.

Student activities

  • In November, Grade 1 students will be going to the Zoo to study animal habitats.
  • There are a number of in-school activities planned for kindergarten classes to learn about members of the community, who provide important services such as police officers and nurses.
  • Grade 2 will explore the nature and effect of magnets during the in-school presentation Magic with Magnets.
  • Grade 2 lunchtime clubs will start on November 29th. Parents and Guardians will receive information about the choice of clubs that their child has made prior to the start of clubs.

School Council Meeting

Please join us at the next School Council meeting scheduled for November 14th at 6:30 pm. Two of our teachers, specialists in reading, will be making a presentation about our school focus of developing students’ reading comprehension. They will also share strategies for parents to read with their child at home. Reading at home allows students to practice their reading and to further develop their comprehension of what they read. The School Development Plan for this school year will also be presented at the meeting. Please note that baby-sitting is provided by a certified baby-sitter that evening so that parents can attend the meeting if they are in need of child care.

Staffing updates

Mrs. McGregor, who was working with the grade 3 classes as an educational assistant, has accepted a position as a substitute teacher and will assume her new position on November 6th. We wish her all the best in her new role and look forward to having her return to our school from time to time as a substitute teacher. Mrs. Pillai has assumed the position of educational assistant in support of our students in grade 3.

Weather conditions

At bus pick up time: If your child takes the bus, delays in picking up children at their stop may occur. Parents can view the status of their child’s bus on A hard copy of this information will be sent home to all families whose children ride the bus.

At school: During cold months, we recommend that students come to school dressed to be outside for periods of 15 to 30 minutes at a time. Students benefit from getting some fresh air and exercise that help them better concentrate during class time. Students are only kept inside when the weather is extremely cold or wet. The CBE directives, as found on page 13 of the Parent/Student Handbook at the front of students’ agendas, indicate that students be kept inside when temperatures reach -20C with wind chill or if there is heavy rain. Otherwise students are expected to come to school dressed for the cold or wet weather on a daily basis. Since the weather can vary from day to day in Calgary, it is always advisable for students to be dressed warmly so that if the temperature warms up later in the day, they can take off a layer and always stay comfortable.

Important note

Please note that the first report card will be sent home on December 15th and that Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences are scheduled for December 21st and 22nd.

May the month of November be a time of remembrance and a time to be thankful for the people who served or continue to serve to preserve and maintain peace in our country and in other countries in the present and in the future.

Michèle Wills