Calgary Board of Education

About Us

Crossing Park School is a large and growing community of learners located in the northeast community of Martindale. The school serves the educational needs of students from Kindergarten through to Grade 9. Transportation is provided for designated students who are beyond the 1.2 km walk distance.

The school was opened in 2000 as a mini-school for Kindergarten and Grade 1. Expansion in 2003 enabled the addition of Grade 2 through 6. A Junior High addition was completed in the fall of 2005. This addition serves Grade 7 to 9 students.

In the school, there are 32 Classrooms, 2 Library/Learning Commons, 2 Gymnasiums, an Auxillary Gymnasium, 2 Music Rooms, an Art room, a Drama room, an Amatrol Lab, a Food and Fashion Lab, two Science labs and two student Gathering Spaces. Crossing Park School is considered a lighthouse school in the area of technology. It is a a dual platform technology environment, utilizing both PC and MacIntosh computers within the classrooms and Learning Commons. The school also is equipped for wireless connectivity. Students have access to both desktop and laptop devices and storage capacity on the school server and we have Smartboard technology in all classrooms.

Presently, 1121 students attend Crossing Park School with approximately 112 students registered in each grade level from Kindergarten to Grade 9. We continue to have students on waitlists at all grade levels.

Diversity is acknowledged and celebrated to promote a culture of understanding and respect. There are over 700 ESL funded students representing 28 different languages. These students are supported by their classroom teacher, and an ESL Specialist. There are also 90 Special Education students who have program modification as outlined in an Individual Program Plan (IPP) and are supported by their classroom teacher, Educational Assistants and School Assistants.

School Mission

Crossing Park School is a diverse learning community dedicated to advancing student learning as defined in the CBE Educational Results Policy by providing meaningful and relevant learning experiences that promote academic growth, responsible citizenship and respect for self, others and property.

School Motto

Lead: Learn; Empower; Achieve; Dream

Unique Points

  • Learning Coach team provides teaching and learning support across the grades at targeted times with emphasis on improving teacher practice.
  • Student Support Team provides integrated services including identification and support for special education and ESL students.
  • Quality Fine Arts programming delivered by Music, Drama and Dance specialists.
  • Daily Physical Education at both Elementary and Middle School levels.
  • Extensive, project based, Career and Technology Foundations Program for students in Grades 5-9.
  • A Professional Learning Community committed to the academic, social and emotional growth of every learner, focussing on literacy, numeracy and assessment.
  • Rich and varied extracurricular program that includes musical theatre, drama productions, percussion, choir, intramurals and interschool athletics.
  • Diversity is acknowledged and celebrated to promote a culture of understanding and respect.
  • A strong and supportive school council.
  • Promoting and encouraging student leadership is the cornerstone of our school culture.