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2017 - 2018

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Administrative Message | September

Bienvenue! Welcome to the 2017-18 school year. It has been a smooth start up with students at the centre of attention. Their excitement to discover, explore and learn is contagious and we’re so fortunate to have these amazing individual learners as part of our diverse learning community. Teachers have been working hard setting up classrooms, developing relationships and designing meaningful tasks for students. An integral part of our initial work with students is identifying and understanding how each child learns best. Iris, our digital tool, will be used to support this work.

Currently we have approximately 475 students enrolled. We would like to welcome returning staff to Chinook Park: Mme Brigitte (Gr. 2 Immersion). Welcome to Mme Kristen who will be teaching Gr. 5/6 Immersion until Mme Katie returns in January. We’d also like to welcome new staff members: Ms. McKinnon (Gr. ¾) & Ms. Ginther who will be teaching in our new STA class. Each of our teachers is passionate about teaching and we can’t wait to see their positive contributions to our learning community.

Our partnership with parents is extremely valued. We are committed to working closely with parents/guardians, staff, students and community partners to build a learning environment of excellence. For parents who have flexibility in their schedule, we encourage volunteering. Volunteerism is so crucial to ensuring events and educational experiences are successful. We depend on our partnership!

Last year there was a collective focus on building a safe and caring community. A team of parents, teachers and students met to collaborate and create a plan promoting the Zones of Regulation scale and building citizenship and character through the virtues. This year, we would like to bring forward an initiative of upgrading the library/learning commons. This is a beautiful, well stocked space with lots of potential to become a dynamic learning area promoting creativity and collaboration. If you’re interested in being part of this journey with us, please email me as we’d like to have our first meeting at the end of September.

Finally, I would like to share that we have an exciting year ahead filled with many stimulating and enriching opportunities for our students. We look forward to cultivating caring, productive and successful citizens with your support!

Mme Avdicos, Principal