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2017-2018 Colonel Walker Traditional School Calendar (pdf)

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2017-2018 Monthly Calendars

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Students should plan to arrive at school between 8:25 and 8:40 a.m. and between 12:45 and 1:00 p.m. unless they are in school-organized events. Teacher supervision is provided during these time periods.  In the interest of safety, students are advised to leave the playground when dismissed after school and check in at home.

Picking up your child

Sometimes parents need to take children out of school or the lunchroom for a special occasion or appointment. It is very important that we are aware of students who are leaving the school throughout the day. Prior to leaving with students, parent/guardians are required to check in at the main office and sign students out in the logbook.  Office personnel will contact the appropriate classroom and ask the student to report to the office.

Parents/guardians are asked to help the school by advising of any custody agreements that may dictate those individuals with whom children are permitted to leave the school.

Please remind children that they should report to the office if they are not picked up after school, as per their regular routine. 

Upon dismissal, kindergarten students will be picked up at the main entry door beside the office. For all other grades, please arrange a meeting place outside of the school for dismissal times.  All students, (K-6) enter through Door A on the compound.  Grades 1-6 always exit through Door A.

Locked doors and security

The outside doors to Colonel Walker School are locked at all times.  When outside with students, staff members unlock doors using their door pass cards to allow entry into the building.

Throughout the day, visitors and students arriving late, are to use the front door of the school to gain entry. The newly installed video monitored entry system allows office personnel to determine who is at the door and to admit arrivals without having to leave the desk area.  Individuals wishing to gain entry to the school press the appropriate doorbell button.  A video camera displays the individual’s image on a screen in the office.  Office personnel press a button to release the door lock. The individual may then enter the building and check in at the office.

A secondary doorbell is available for use when school personnel are away from the office or during after hours events.  This bell rings throughout the building.

All parents/guardians and other visitors are required to sign in at the office and wear a visitor/volunteer badge while in the school during the school day. Please be aware that all adults who are working with children in the school are required to complete a Calgary Police Security Screening as is described in the Volunteer Program section below.