Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

We welcome you to the learning community of Keeler School. Our staff is committed to helping our students to realize their goals and potential, to become lifelong learners, and to become contributing, responsible citizens. We believe that parents and schools are partners in the growth and development of the students. We hope that you will join us and support our programs, activities, and projects as we work with your children. We encourage your involvement as a volunteer or as a member of our School Council.

Mission Statement

To discover unlimited possibilities through shared learning as a community.


To achieve authentic engagement for all students.


Slogan: “Keeler Cougar Courage!”


We follow the tenants of The Circle of Courage. The Circle of Courage represents the four needs that children require in order to become healthy, self-actualized, contributing members of society:

  • Belonging
  • Mastery
  • Independence
  • Generosity

Their placement in the circle symbolizes their interrelatedness and interdependency. None of them can be developed in isolation; the development of one simultaneously contributes to the development of all the others. At our weekly assemblies, we recognize students as they demonstrate each of the four pillars within our school community.

We strive to build our students’ resiliency, to build self-confidence and lead them to academic and social success. The extent to which we can spring back from our failures and overcome our fears and self-doubts is a measure of our resiliency.

Resilient individuals know that they can persevere and succeed in the face of adversity. Free from the inhibitions that weigh upon them, they may become able to contribute more in life as happy, fulfilled adults.

The Circle of Courage is a powerful model for increasing resiliency, both in children and adults. We have found its simple, practical philosophy has provided inspiration, hope, and direction for developing a positive spirit and culture at Keeler School.