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Principal's Message | June

We have had an amazing start up! We would like to acknowledge and thank our wonderful school council for supporting our Hoop Residency. Beginning the school year with a whole school project that focused on inclusion and belonging was very empowering. Teddy Anderson is the Hoop Dancer who shared his talents and taught students how to dance. “Teddy’s intent is to spread the oneness of humanity through his hoops and teach the message of peace and unity of all Nations.” The Hoop Dancing is based on the Medicine Wheel, which aligns with our work at Keeler on The Circle of Courage. Our students worked tirelessly with Teddy to learn the various poses of Hoop Dancing. The difficulty of the moves progressed through out the grades. All students held up a beautiful medicine wheel that they created with their hoops at the end of their dance. This was extremely touching and moving.

Our students beautifully told their stories through dance to provide hope through their hearts for an amazing year at Keeler based on a strong community. As we go into fall break we would like to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and look forward to continuing our journey of learning and growing together following the holiday. Yours in the spirit of generosity and Belonging,

Denise Nimmo