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General Sites

SMART Technologies

ProQuest Professional Education: This is a database of education related documents covering K-12. You will need Abbeydale's account # and password information to access this website.

Connections: Alberta Learning information for Teachers.

Learn Alberta: The Learn Alberta website. You may need to get a username and password to access this website.

Resource Source: It is a online tool that has many Alberta Ed. documents at your finger tips. Included is: Program of studies, Guide to Implementation, Authorized resource list, Guide to education, Focus on inquiry, Special Needs Resource, Learning Resource Catalogue etc…

Alberta Assessment Consortium: Website with information and articles related to assessment in the classroom and the AAC itself.

Statistics Canada E-STAT: Statistics on the Canadian population. You will need Abbeydale's username and password to access this site.

Alberta Learning Curriculum and Resources: Curriculum and development information on various subjects as well as information for parents.

Alberta Learning Practise Exams:

Scholastic Lesson Plans: A good general resources for lessons and ideas based on subject area.

Alberta Teachers Association Local 38: ATA38 union homepage. You can find the Collective Agreement posted here.

Curriculum Links: Various links put together to assist teachers in Grades 1 - 6.

LRC Link - For Ordering new curriculum resources

Forms and Policies: FOIP, HS forms and Policies etc.

Citrix Home Access: Online Help

ATA Local 38 Home Page

Language Art Sites

Teaching Books: Teacher Literacy Resource. The site has information on children's literature as well as short videos were author's and illustrator's talk about their work.

ReadWriteThink: Practical Ideas for literacy.

Children's Literature Web Guide: Authors on the web.

Guide to Grammar and Writing: Answers questions about grammar.

Reading Quest: Strategies for writing and reading comprehension.

Caldecott Award: Information on the Caldecott Award as well as the books that win them.

Science Sites

Green Learning: Various information as well as interactive areas related to the curriculum in Alberta.

Social Studies

Social Studies Curriculum: K-12 Curriculum. PDF file, you will need the free Adobe Reader to view this file.

Sites related to Virtues:
Think Responsibly

Math Sites

Online Elementary Mathematics: Online math resource for grade 6.

Math Manipulative Resource: Great hands-on resource when the manipulatives are not available.

Mathematics Magazine: Math magazine with good resources.

Math Site List: Links to many different interactive math Sites. The Quilt site is quite interesting! Students can make their own Quilt Design.

Math Site: Elementary site with many online links - some are interactive.

Power of Ten Tutorial I
Power of Ten Tutorial II

Technology Sites

Alberta Learning Illustrative Examples: Illustrative examples to help with the integration of technology into the curriculum.

Alberta Learning ICT Rationale and Philosophy: ICT Curriculum

2Learn: Project Centre at Telus.

George Lucas Educational Foundation (Edutopia): Assessment, emotional intelligence, project-based learning, technology integration.

Projects @ 2Learn: Create your own project.

Projects @ 2Learn: Search for a technology plan to join.

Infocus: SIRS website.

Web Quest Search: Find a Web Quest on this comprehensive site.

CBE Video Loan Pool (Medianet): Sign out Videos from the Video Loan Pool Online

Captain Copyright: Great site for students to learn about the copyright rules and plagairism.

Good ideas on these Canadian based Web Quest sites:

Canadian Studies Web Quest

Early Canada:  Exploration and Settlement Web Quest

The History of Quebec, Canada and its Explorers Web Quest

Travel Canada Web Quest

Assessment Websites

Exam Bank: Site created to help Alberta students practice for their government Achievement Tests and Diploma Exams in a unique online environment.

Alberta Education: Provincial testing examples.

Rubrics: Assessment Rubrics.

Alberta Consortium: Professional development.

Other Sites

S.N.O.W.: Special Needs Opportunity Window, University of Toronto.

Graphics Organizers One and Two.

Human Sexuality: Health resource

Scholastic: Book orders

LD Online: Site that provides information on LD and ADHD> Also include tips for parents.