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Marlborough School

4711 Maryvale Drive N.E.
Calgary, AB T2A 3A1
t | 403-777-8190
f | 403-777-8193
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twitter | @Marlboroughcbe

Principal | Aubrey Fletcher
Assistant Principal | Mona Bains-Harswinder

If you wish to speak to a staff member, call the main office and the secretaries or administration will ensure they receive the message to return your call. Teachers are not to be called directly during instructional hours. In the case of an emergency call the main office at 403-777-8190, 0.

Marlborough Staff 2016-2017

Marlborough Staff 2016-2017

Teaching Staff
Principal Mrs. Fletcher
Assistant Principal Mrs. Bains
Full Day Kindergarten Ms. Pires and Mrs. Boulanger
1 Mrs. Neelands and Mrs. Tung
2 Ms. Catsirelis
2/3 Ms. Hoekstra
3 Ms. Niemi
4 Mrs. Nabe/Mrs. Ballem
4/5 Mr. Barker
5 Mrs. Thoms
Music Mrs. Schwarz
Support Staff
Admin. Secretary Mrs. Johnson
Secretary Mrs. Demers
Educational Assistant Mrs. Wasik
School Assistant Mrs. Junghans
  Mrs. Reid
  Mrs. Vargo
Library Assistant Mrs. Schrader
Facility Operator Mr. McMannis
Cleaner Mr. Tesfamichael