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Teaching and learning using the arts as a means of understanding the world...accessing and expressing knowledge and experiences in multiple ways...through the disciplines of fine and performing arts.

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Do you play (or want to try) violin, viola, cello or string bass?
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What's New at Starbucks | June


Grade 5 “Atlantic Canada” watercolours
Mason B
Ryan S

Justin F

Grade 6 “Batik” The art of decorating cloth using wax and dye.
Madison M
Naomi D
Olivia W

Jamie T

Grade 6 “Flight” pastels
Dani M
Kellie N
Kierra S

Grade 8 “Aztecs”
Eve H
Sasha S
Tilley B
Erin H
Myana C

Grade 8 “Tattoo”
Elise S



Willow Park Stories!

2014 Willow Park at Beakerhead - amazing work!


Some of our talented students were chosen to attend 'Beakerhead' this September. Beakerhead is an annual, citywide, interactive movement that explodes with creativity. It brings together the arts and engineering sectors from across the city, province, country and world to build, compete and exhibit interactive works of art, spectacle and entertainment during an annual week-long international happening each fall. From outdoor artworks and late-night laboratories, to community contests and celebrations, interactive digital events to event premieres, Beakerhead creates a crucible of human ingenuity, mixing energetic community involvement with international talent. The first Beakerhead will took place in Calgary, Alberta on September 11-15, 2013.


We wanted to share with you the "lab report" our students created to house the "realtime" documents created by the Willow Park School for Arts-Centred Learning students who visited Beakerhead. You can view our lab report and find the various student presentations linked in the observation section.


Click on this link and be prepared to be AMAZED! Beakerhead2014

THank you to Mr. James Davidge for making this trip possible and thank you to both Mr. James Davidge and Mrs. Lorenda Chin for preparing students for the experience, taking students to the event and creating an online showcase with our students!




Willow Park students hold public art showcase: We Can Change the World

Click image to read story

Student Animations from "Village of Idiots"

These animations were created by Ms. Shield's animation club and projected as the backdrop for our student production of, Canadian playwright, John Lazarus's "Village of Idiots".

Students explored concepts around how to create backdrops using animation that would highlight student process and share this process with the intended audience. Images would not be static but would change aesthetic and type as the play moved along.



Studens chose a scene to animate the backdrop for and worked together creating different strategies and processes for animation. The first clip (back ground for the village) icorporated students filming themselves drawing using a piece of glass between their drawing and the camera (that's why you can see the shadow of the hand creating the art). Many of the scenes incorporated stop animation as well.


Students in the animation club had to problem solve together to create images that would work well with live actors on the stage while incorporating the mood, style and specific details from the script.

The scrip called for a tree which would change seasons. Instead of using a physical tree, students created an animation of the tree in the clip below which was paused inbetween seasons. Actors would sit below the projection and smell the blossoms, shiver in the cold and watch the buds burst into bloom.

"We Can Change The World"
Grade 8 BP & A Energy Project

Students in grade 8 investigated the question “ How can the arts influence our decisions to meet the needs for a sustainable environment and respond to social and cultural change? “.  This video is a brief montage of our process. 

Our approach was to begin with the arts in mind, sharing and discussing images to provoke discussion around the role of the arts within society.  We used works by artists such as Edward Burtynsky, Yinka Shonibare, and Neil Young.  We also held a forum of both local artists (Morgan Free and Lane Shoredee) and professionals in the oil and gas field (British Petroleum and Marquis Alliance).  We also had Chris Turner, author of The Geography of Hope take part in the panel.  Students developed their own questions for the panel and then took time afterward to reflect on their understanding and pose more questions to clarify their understanding.   Throughout this project, we were fortunate to have the support and assistance of our studio artist, Morgan Free.  She challenged our students to think more conceptually while focusing on the process rather than the product.

 A key element of this project was the collaboration and cross-curricular approach that was taken.  Humanities focused on communication, looking at different perspectives, worldview, stereotypes, bias and point of view.  Science classes involved studying and reviewing the different types of energy as well as fresh and salt water systems.

One aspect that made this project successful was that students were offered opportunities to direct the direction of the project as indicated through their reflections as well as the choice of representation they were given.

We were very fortunate to have Fish Creek Public Library offer their space for us to hold our exhibition.  It was a wonderful space to showcase the students‘ work!


Mayor Nenshi visits Willow Park School
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Students Fundraise to Help Willow Park School
Thank you to Jadelyn Brault and Ophelie Couture two special Grade 7 students at Willow Park for selling their crafts and getting their story on the CBC! Jedelyn and Ophelie have been making beaded bracelets and selling these at school to students at Willow Park and also students at Chinook Learning Services (Viscount Bennett). They have made over 500 bracelets and you can purchase yours at Willow Park School! Follow this link to learn more about their incredible idea and see how it has grown! Staff and students are very proud of the girls success! Way to Rise Up!

Willow Park School enjoys visit from Maasai Warriors
Read more on the CBE website






PTS Music Program Ongoing Fundraiser - we have teamed up with the Willow Park and Deer Valley locations of M&M Meat Shops for an ongoing fundraising event supporting the music program. M&M Meats has now been taken over by a new owner and we will post our new partnership discount shortly.






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Lifetouch extends portrait availability online


Lifetouch Canada has extended fall portrait availability online - you can still place your order through for your school portraits.


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