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To determine if your child has been immunized, you can phone the Medical Record Centers below or they will help direct you to get paper records (outside of the province or country you will need to call Health Link where they will help re-direct you).

  • Alberta Health Calgary Medical Record Center 403.214.3641
  • Alberta Health Services Provincial Records 780.41.7985
  • Health Link – 1.866.408.5465


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Welcome to Willow Park School
Arts-Centred Learning

Teaching and learning using the arts as a means of understanding the world...accessing and expressing knowledge and experiences in multiple ways...through the disciplines of fine and performing arts.

Recently updated on May 29th, 2015
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Principal's Blog updated on May 20th, 2015. CLICK HERE

Updated May 28th
Calgary Police thank our staff, students and parents for their full support during our External Lockdown on May 27th. Classes resumed as normal during our lockdown and students did an excellent job.
A parent letter was be sent home with all students CLICK HERE to read it.
Thank you Willow Park Community!

Willow Park Fire Drill and Walk to Alternative Site
Update May 29th, 2015
We completed our final fire drill on Friday, May 29th, which included a walk to St William school, which is our alternative site. All students were out of the building in under one minute and arrived at St. William in 15 min. We were extremely proud of our students today - all students were safe, serious and silent which helped make our entire drill run smoothly in under 40 min (walking to St. William, completing attendance, and walking back to Willow Park School).

Grade 6 Trip to the Kananasis Monday June 1st - Thursday June 4th
Updated May 28th, 2015
We are excited about our trip to the Kananaskis for the Sunship Earth programming at Camp Chief Hector in the Kananaskis! Just a reminder that students cannot bring their gear on the regular school busses.
Please drop off student gear (to be stored in classrooms) for the trip on Friday, May 29th or in the morning of Monday, June 1st.
Students leave Willow Park School on Monday June 1st at 9:20am. Parents may want to drop of their students before 9:00am on Monday, June 1st to avoid school busses and traffic.
Students will return during the school day on Thursday, and need to be picked up at 2:00pm. If busses are late, parents will be notified.

Grade 9 Celebration At Willow Park FRIDAY, JUNE 26th.
Updated May 27th, 2015

Parents and Guardians of Students in Grade 9,
You are invited to come and celebrate the culmination of your child's experiences at Willow Park School Arts-Centred Learning, by joining both students and teachers in the main gym followed by the Arts Core Experience (ACE) Exit Project Exhibition created by the grade nine students in the foyer and auxiliary gym.
WHEN: Friday, June 26th 2015
TIMES: Doors open at 1:25 pm
- The Celebration officially begins in the main gym at 1:45 pm
- ACE Project Exhibition created by the Grade 9 students will run from 3:00-3:30 pm
- Some refreshments and light snacks will be provided
- Report cards will be handed out by homeroom teachers at 3:30 pm followed by dismissal.
Celebration - Main Gym
Exit Project Exhibition - Auxiliary Gym, Main Gym, Foyer
Parking is available on the North Side of Willow Park Drive or in the Community.
Please do not park in bus zones or illegally within in the community.
Two tickets per family (grade nine students do not require a ticket)
We recommend business and casual dress.
We are looking forward to enjoying this celebration with you!

Grade 9 Team

AHorse At Willow Park School!

Updated May 29th, 2015
Students at Willow Park School recived a life size horse to paint and display at Spruce Meadows!

The horses will all be put on display for our Media Day unveiling on Tuesday, June 2nd. Starting that day the LIVE auction will also begin on Spruce Meadow's Website at This auction is open to anyone wanting to purchase the horses, and all proceeds will go directly back to the charity! You will be able to submit their bids online and see right away what the highest bid is.

On Saturday, June 6th all of the horses will be set up in our International Ring at Spruce Meadows. They will be profiled and introduced during our first competition that morning and will all get “shout outs” during our Parade of Nations. Following the parade we will be conducting the formal awards ceremony for the winners of the Spruce Meadows portion of this program.
To obtain complimentary tickets:
Go to
Click on ‘Event Tickets’
Select ‘Rush Seating Tickets’
At the checkout section, please enter the following coupon code:
Print off your tickets, and bring them with you to Spruce Meadows

School Supplies for 2015/2016 - win $50 - $1000 in a Draw!

Updated May 20th, 2015
School Supplies Delivered to Willow Park!
Why shop for student supplies when they can be delivered to our school? You could win $50.00 or $1000.00 by purchasing your back to school items through “School Start”.  You can order all of your 2015/2016 school supplies to be delivered to your child, in September, at Willow Park School  through “School Start”!  You will not need to shop for supplies and Willow Park is eligible for a $5/per kit rebate from “School Start” which will be used towards various items/activities in our school. All orders received in May & June will be entered with “School Start” for a $1000 cash draw in June! All orders through “School Start” will also be entered for a $50 cash draw here at Willow Park in September!!! Winners will be notified and announced on our WPS website.

Ordered supplies will be packaged and delivered directly to Willow Park School in August before your child arrives, labeled with his/her name on the School Start Package. This is not a mandatory program; rather an optional way to purchase your child(rens) school supplies for the upcoming year. Order before August long weekend to avoid a $5.00 late fee.

To order your supplies online through “School Start”click on their website:

Grade 7, 8 and 9 school supply lists can be found here:
2015/2016 School Supplies

Grade 5 and 6 Students have most supplies provided for them by the school. Click on 2015/2016 School Supplies for more information.

We Need You!
Updated May 22nd 2015
Willow Park School Council is excited to share that our Parents Association has received our new casino dates! This major fundraiser will take place on Thursday October 8th & Friday October 9th 2015. The monies generated through this event will be spent on materials and activities for our learners. Although we aren’t scheduling volunteers quite yet, hopefully parents/guardians can save these dates on the family calendar when considering Thanksgiving long weekend plans. Many thanks! More information to be announced soon.

Willow Park Shoes in Guatemala!
Updated April 24th, 2015
Remember the "Mini-We Day" Assembly? Mr. Hope was in Guatemala delivering the shoes that were donated last winter and decorated the Christmas Trees that were in the Learning Commons. We donated two big boxes of gently worn, (and very cute) shoes. Mr. Hope, with "Dentistry for All", help people who are not able to have access to a dentist - or even shoes, to have opportunity for both! Thank you, Willow Park Wild!

Grade 5 / 6 Basketball Club!
Updated April 21st, 2015
Students in Grades 5 and 6 are invited to join a basketball club on Friday mornings from 7:45am - 8:55am.
CLICK HERE for more information.

Ward 14 Grade 6 Wordsmith Essay Winner at WPS!
Updated April 20th, 2015
Jennifer Searl is a self-motivated, energetic and creative student who prides herself on her work in the classroom. Always striving for her personal best, Jennifer challenges herself on a daily basis to ensure that she is constantly growing in her own abilities. Thanks to her hard efforts, her class will be visiting Calgary City Hall on May 11th 2015. They are excited and looking forward to hearing Jennifer’s winning essay on the levels of government read in Council Chambers by Councilor Peter Demong!

The Hobbit!
Updated April 6th, 2015
Students at Lord Beaverbrook High School proudly present THE HOBBIT
Tueday May 19th at 4pm
Wednesday May 20th 7pm
Thursday May 21st 7pm
Call 403 259 5585 for tickets or purchase at the door!
And if you are in Scottland....the students are performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August!

Vaccination Information
Sent home.
Updated March 10th, 2015
Information was sent hom with all students around immunization updates. If you are travelling to an area where a measles outbreak is currently active (including, but not limited to California), it is very important to ensure all travellers have received the right number of doses, for the trip.
If you are uncertain whether you and/or your children need the MMR vaccine before travelling, please call your local community health centre to discuss. If you are not sure how to reach your local community health centre you can also call Health Link Alberta at 1.866.408.5465 and or visit
See the Health link box to the bottom left of this site.

Willow Park Parent and Student Resource Site
Updated on April 2nd, 2015
Information and workshop information about: * Preventing Sexual Abuse
* Teen Anxiety *Teen Depression *Self Harm *Perfectionism *Drugs and Alcohol *Girls Groups *Support Groups and organizations *Stress *Self-esteem
* Digital Safety *Cyber Bullying *Honourable use of Technology
*Teenage Brain

ACE - Art Core Experience at Willow Park School
Updated January 14th 2014
Each Friday our students participate in ACE for two hours. Twenty-three different art workshops take place each Friday! This is a time designed in our schedule for students to gain important art skills in which they can transfer to all classes when presenting their understanding of material. Click on our link to see what our students and teachers have been up to!

Bus Information at WPS
Updated January 8th, 2014
Due to winter weather, expect bus delays. Have students dress with winter clothing and encourage students to sign up for "Remind" text messages to you and your child's cel phones for current information about bus delays. CLICK HERE If busses are delayed, check your cel phone for a "Remind Message" or call the school at 403 777 6900 to inquire and report.
Please note: Students must ride on their assigned bus. Students wishing to make alternative transporation arrangements for the day must bring in a note to the office the morning of the change. All students involved must have notes to confirm arrangements. Students may only ride a different bus for project work approved by the appropriate teacher. This information is in found in our Student Expectation booklet. CLICK HERE.
Thank you for your continued support.

HIGH SCHOOL TOURS for Grade 9 Students
Updated March 10th, 2015
For the CBE High School Registration Page (tours and information) CLICK HEREFor CBE Registration Course Guidlines CLICK HERE
For More information about Tours (sent to parents) CLICK HERE
For Lord Beaverbrook General information CLICK HERE
For Lord Beaverbrook "Information Transition to High School" CLICK HERE

Posted June, 2014
and log on to Willow Park's NEW "OverDrive" where students can read books online for free. The Calgary Public Library also has EBooks for your family to access CLICK HERE for more information.
For more information about the Calgary Public Library, CLICK HERE

STAY INFORMED all year long!
Updated September 2014
Printable 2014 - 2015 Calendar CLICK HERE
Note one change -
Conferences on April 6 and 7th not 16th 17th (correction made on Sept 19th)

Willow Park School Council
Updated each Month

-with texts to your phone

Updated September 2014
Stay in touch and be informed when we change our Website or share important information! For up-to-date alerts regarding important Willow Park Information, sign up for Willow Park Remind 101 for the latest updates as we receive them. Remind 101 will allow you to receive text messages from Willow Park School. To sign up to receive text messages to your cell phone regarding important information.
Text the message: @willowpark
to the phone number 587 409 1803
Remind 101 General Information
Remind 101 BUS 'Remind' Registration Information

School Council / Volunteers
Updated September 2014
If you would like to volunteer, please fill out a Parent Volunteer form found on our School Council site.
CLICK HERE to see our School Council Website .
To contact a member of our School Council, please email:

Understanding the Teenage Brain

Updated March 1st, 2015
Gail Smillie shared her presentation on Understanding the Teenage Brain on
Thursday, February 26th from 7 - 9pm at Lord Beaverbrook. Thank you to the Willow Park Music Program for setting up this informative event! Notes from the presentation can be found on our Willow Park Parent and Student Resource Site linked to this webpage. Click on the Link.


PTS Music Program Ongoing Fundraiser - we have teamed up with the Willow Park and Deer Valley locations of M&M Meat Shops for an ongoing fundraising event supporting the music program. M&M Meats has now been taken over by a new owner and we will post our new partnership discount shortly.



What's New at Starbucks | April 2015

Grade 7 – A Study of Canadian Portraiture
Completed with Artist in Residence – Chester Lees
From the classes of:  Quinn-Hall/Wesley/Shank

Wen H. 
Karissa S.
Jaden W.
Camryn B.
Katie D.
Cat S.
Kira T.
Gabe K.
Grace O.
Emily M.
Sydney R.
Jaden C.
Ashley P.
Madison M.