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Art Core Experience (ACE)

ACE at Willow Park School!

Have you heard of ACE time? Art Core Experience time happens each Friday for 2 full hours. We hope your students have been talking about the creative work with students.

WHAT IS ACE - Art Core Experience?

Willow Park School Arts Centred Learning Program offers our students the opportunity to learn in and through the Arts as a means of understanding the world, accessing and expressing knowledge and experiences in multiple ways through the disciplines of fine and performing arts.

In order for our students to express their knowledge of core material in and through the arts, we feel it is important to provide and directly teach skills that may help best represent student learning. Therefore, we have allocated two hours a week for ACE time. Art Core Experience provides staff and students time in our schedule to teach art skills for specific purposed which our students, as artists of their own learning, can choose from, combine, alter and use when learning In and Through the Arts. Twenty-five different art skills are taught each Friday during our two hour ACE time together.

Students work together with a different teacher each Friday. Teachers will take learners through a number of important Art Core Experiences to provide each student with skills they will be able to transfer to any or all classes in the near and distant future. For example learners may have a two hour workshop on painting with water colours in which they will gain the life long learning skills that they can use when creating art for class work or when observing and discussing a piece of art made with water colours. Skills taught may involve Drama, Art, Music, Theory, Dance etc. All activities will be documented by our staff and posted to our ACE site as a living document for students, parents and teachers to refer to.

The staff at Willow Park School share a vast variety of Art experience, expertise and passions that they share with our students. Many teachers on staff are published authors/playwrights/poets, have and or play music professionally, make films, design, cook, are Art enthusiasts and or create and view Art in their free time. We know that the enthusiasm and expertise from our staff will help motivate our students to learn these skills and to transfer learned techniques into other areas throughout their experience at Willow Park and elsewhere.

After the first five weeks of ACE, we will evaluate the success of our first round with students and then the teachers will create another set of ACE skills for our learners to rotate through. This will happen five times throughout the year. Learners will have a session with each of our Fine Arts Teachers as they will rotate through grade groups.

At the end of each five week ACE round, learners will be asked to give some feedback (to be determined) to help shape how ACE continues at Willow Park School. This places our students in charge as designers of their learning. We value input and look forward to discussing all of our thoughts together with the staff and students at Willow Park School.

We are excited to begin ACE together know we will enjoy learning more about the talents and skills of our amazing staff here at Willow Park School. This site will grow and change, as we do, and we hope you take the time to view our ACE website with your child and or parent!