Calgary Board of Education
Classrooms Without Walls

All teachers have a private Brightspace (D2L) Learning space at Some teachers also have public spaces listed below.

Communication on Brightspace by D2L

We are excited to start our 2017/2018 school year at Willow Park School and we know you are as well! As a commitment to the work our school and community provides our students and parents, we ask you to regularly view your child’s online learning platform together. Brightspace by D2L is an online environment which you and your child can use to stay connected to classrooms. Our teachers will be updating Brightspace weekly with information about their course or your child’s progress. Students may have the opportunity to self-reflect or share their work with digital photos, videos, sound bites or other media forms, and it is the place to see their progress.  We believe that your child’s learning is a partnership between school, home and community. Therefore, we invite you to view your child’s Brightspace to help inform you about your child’s ongoing progress throughout the year. Teachers, Students and Parents can all log on to Brightspace. Parents will have a limited view when they log on. It is recommended you log on together with your child.

For more information and instructions on how to create a parent account, visit My CBE Account.

For more information and help with Brightspace by D2L, visit

Please review the Honourable Use of Technology Agreement and Declaration form (pdf) signed by students when they registered.