Calgary Board of Education

Circle of Courage

“The circle is a symbol of life…individual parts within the circle connect with every other; and what happens to one, or what one part does, affects all within the circle.”  (Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve)

Lake Bonavista School embraces the Circle of Courage philosophy.  The Circle of Courage is based on the work of Larry Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, and Steve Van Bockern.  As a school community we support a safe and caring learning environment for our students by creating conditions that promote the following areas in each child:

The Spirit of Belonging:
The universal longing for human bonds is cultivated by relationships of trust so that the child can say, “I am loved”.

The Spirit of Generosity:
Character is cultivated by concern for others so that the child can say, “I have purpose for my life.”

The Spirit of Mastery:
The inborn thirst for learning is cultivated; by learning to cope with the world, the child can say, “I can succeed.”

The Spirit of Independence:
Free will is cultivated by responsibility so that the child can say, “I have the power to make decisions.”

This Circle of Courage language frames all we do at Lake Bonavista School.  Teachers and support staff have already engaged students in activities that promote the spirit of belonging.  Through setting of school and classroom expectations, welcoming students, buddy programs, cooperative learning activities, leadership opportunities and school wide events such as our upcoming pancake breakfast, Terry Fox Run, Walking Wednesdays, and assemblies, we help students feel a sense of belonging to a larger community, one that celebrates the variety of strengths each of us brings to the group.

We look forward to sharing our learning in these areas with you throughout the year.