Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

Welcome to Prince of Wales School. The staff of Prince of Wales look forward to working with you and thank you for your continued interest, support, and involvement.

Vision Statement

Together, embracing the spirit of learning.

Mission Statement

We strive to achieve our vision by demonstrating our values and our beliefs in the way all students, staff, and parents approach each day.

We reach for learning excellence by:

  • Using a variety of teaching methods to ensure all learners reach their full potential
  • Addressing the needs of diverse learners
  • Developing leadership capacity
  • Encouraging learners to become caring and responsible community citizens
  • Promoting and valuing continuous learning
  • Celebrating individual success
  • Developing the skills to become self-directed learners

 We strengthen our teaching efforts by:

  • Working collaboratively with each other
  • Continuing to grow professionally
  • Maintaining a balanced lifestyle in body, mind, and spirit

We enhance the learning experience by:

  • Providing an emotionally and physically safe and caring environment
  • Fostering open communication
  • Creating a positive learning experience
  • Embracing technology and resource-based learning as a means to achieve specific curricular outcomes
  • Offering curricular and extra-curricular opportunities for all students

Belief Statements

We believe that quality learning and teaching occur when:

  • Learners are challenged and motivated
  • Learning is promoted as a continuum
  • There is respect and equality for all
  • Learning is a partnership between students, teachers, parents, and the community
  • Learners take responsibility for themselves and their actions toward becoming self-reliant
  • There is opportunity to recognize and celebrate growth and accomplishments
  • Support is provided toward enhancing literacy development
  • Positive interpersonal relationships are promoted
  • Risk-taking, creativity, curiosity, innovation and challenge are encouraged in our work
  • A safe, secure environment is provided, ensuring the well being of our school community
  • Technology can be used as a tool to enhance learning and teaching


 Technology in every classroom

  • Smart boards, i-pads,  i-pods
  • Students use technology integrated into their learning
  • Teacher blogs on line

Idea Lab

  • Heavy focus on building students' design thinking process, where students identify issues/needs of a community, then work towards creating, building, and testing possible outcomes/ solutions.
  • A focus on Maker Education, focusing on the values of access for all; collaboration and community; diversity of thinking; and engagement in learning
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