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Fees and Waivers

2015-2016 Report to Parents on Fees

2015 - 2016 School Fees

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Instructional Resource Fee (IRF)
This IRF is a comprehensive fee covering the cost of instructional materials, expendable school supplies (e.g. pencils, pens, erasers, notebooks, paper, duotangs, glue, scissors, rulers, markers, crayons) instructional photocopying, and printer supplies. Parents of kindergarten through grade 6 students do not have to purchase these school supplies. This is a mandatory fee. Parents must pay an IRF for each child they have in the CBE.

IRF for Kindergarten


GRADES 1 - 6

IRF for Grades 1 – 6



This fee assists the school in meeting the incidental needs of students over the lunch hour.

Grades 1 to 6



Are available to qualifying parents who are unable to pay the IRF, GSF, or Transportation Fees. Waiver applications are available at the school or at, (go to "Parents" and click on Fees).


This fee provides students with a safe, clean, and secure place for lunch and noon activities.

Please fill in the registration form if you will be using the noon supervision service (available at the office).

The full-time fee is $255.00 per child for a 4 day lunch program Monday through Thursday

The drop-in fee is $5.00 per time. You may buy coupons at the office or send $5.00 with your child the day he/she is staying.


CBE Bus fees are $335 per year. Grade 1-6

Kindergarten is $335 per year