Calgary Board of Education

School Patrols


How to get to School Patrol information

#1 Connect to Internet and go to Patroller's Corner

#2  Scroll down left side of the webpage and select “School Safety Patrol” and hit enter

#3 The menu for “School Safety Patrol” will open then select “Patrollers Corner” and hit enter

#4 “Patrollers Corner” has three parts you need to visit to learn about being a patroller

A. Read, study and memorize the Patroller Pledge because it explains the job of the patroller.

B.Select “ Steps to patrolling” and open the “Calgary student handbook”. Carefully read and study this material to learn about what you need to do as a patroller.  Review this material several times and write down any questions you have about the material.

C. Once you have learned all the information in the “ Steps to patrolling” select the “Quiz” section and hit the “try quiz” bar then answer all the questions in the quiz.

#5  Listen for the announcement about the patrol test times and go to Room 2 to complete the patroller quiz, the “EYE got it!” worksheet and to write the patroller pledge from memory.

handThe pledge

I promise to do my best to…
Report for duty on time.
Perform my duties faithfully.
Strive to improve road safety; always setting a good example myself.
Obey my teachers and officers of the patrol.
Report dangerous practices of students.
Strive to earn the respect of fellow students.