Calgary Board of Education


Parental involvement is a vital component of school programs.  At Prince of Wales we encourage parents to become involved in our volunteer program and in our School Council.

Through volunteer assistance, we are able to enhance the educational opportunities for our students.  We recognize the value and encourage the use of volunteers in our school.  All parents are welcome to volunteer; however, the Calgary Board of Education requires that everyone wishing to volunteer in a school must complete a security clearance form and be approved before they can volunteer.  This process is required as volunteers are frequently in positions of trust and responsibility with children, and it is our duty to ensure that the children in our care are as safe and secure as possible.  Those parents interested in volunteering should acquire the necessary forms from the office at the school.  When coming into the school to volunteer, parents are asked to please use the main entrance, sign in at the office, and put on a nametag.

Volunteer ethics

The following code of ethics shall apply to all volunteers of Prince of Wales School:

  • The volunteer must be discreet. It is essential that a volunteer never publicly discuss children, parents, or school staff.
  • The volunteer works in the school at the invitation of the professional staff.
  • The volunteer should respect the professional role and judgment of the teacher.
  • The volunteer should refer any discipline problems to the teacher.
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Our parent volunteers read with young stduents.
Parents help prepare learning materials.
Parents help with different class projects.
  Parents help with Grade 1 class project.