Calgary Board of Education

Parents Association

The West Dalhousie Parents Association is a registered society established by the parents of the students of West Dalhousie School for the purpose of raising funds for the school. These funds are raised by sponsoring casinos approximately every other year. According to the laws of the Province of Alberta, we are allowed to spend the money we raise on educational resources. These include

  • computers,
  • library resources,
  • curriculum supplies and equipment,
  • field trips.

Social activities, such as the annual Family Dance, cannot be supported.

Guiding Principle

We believe each child in our province is entitled to a good quality education, supported by taxpayers. We support the Calgary Board of Education in its efforts to provide high-quality teachers and programs to each student in its district. As parents we work within the West Dalhousie School Council and communicate with provincial government representatives to achieve the best education possible for our children.

Within our Society, we work to benefit all the students of West Dalhousie school. Our goal is to enable West Dalhousie School to develop and deliver the best programs possible for its students. We aim to provide whatever are needed in equipment, materials and resources that are not readily available from the Calgary Board of Education. We also may wish to donate to other schools within the Calgary Board of Education. The Society may confer with the West Dalhousie School staff and West Dalhousie School Council as how to best disperse any funds raised by the society.


The objectives of the society are to

  1. be a benefactor to West Dalhousie school,
  2. support the aims and objectives of the West Dalhousie School Council,
  3. raise funds necessary to achieve the objectives of the Society,
  4. manage the funds of the Society.


All parents and guardians of students attending West Dalhousie School are members of the West Dalhousie Parents Association.

Further Information

You can find out more about the West Dalhousie Parents Association from the Bylaws .

Meeting Minutes

Since the meeting minutes contain potentially sensitive financial information, they are not available from this site. They may be viewed on the bulletin board outside of the school office. Or you can always attend the next association meeting and get a copy of the last meeting's minutes ;-).