Calgary Board of Education

Our Inquiry Question

What Does It Mean To Know?

At West Dalhousie School every two years staff and students explore a question. The question that we decide to focus on is derived from conversations and brainstorming of events and or things that may arise during their learning. The whole school focuses on the question or statement for two years.

The next two years we will be inquiring about What Does It Mean To Know? Some of the work will be showcased on this page so make sure to check here often.

Remembrance Day 2016

Kindergarten Learn and Play

Grade 1&2:

Grade 3/4 Music Cups! (mov)
The students in grade 3/4 are excited about making rhythms with cups in music. We have been learning a series of tapping moves using plastic cups in an eight beat pattern. Now that we have the pattern memorized, we are beginning to put it to music. It sounds wonderful when we play as an entire class! Stay tuned and maybe we'll be performing our rhythms to Santana's "Oye como va" next month!

Grade 3/4 : A Ukrainian Architect Sent Us an Artifact

Wilderness Conservation Presentation (pdf)
Grade 3/4 students studied Alberta's conservation efforts and invited a specialist in for a conversation. They related this unit of study to their inquiry project on Cayotes.

Be The Change (wav) by: Aaron Young (practice today!)
This song was composed by the artist in residence and West Dalhousie School Students.

The Calgary Food Bank Recognizes our Student Leaders! (pdf)
The leadership student team at WD receives Kudos for their Canstruction project and the food donations theyr were able to collect! Read the letter we received!