Calgary Board of Education

Lunch Program

Students can be enrolled in the school's lunch program on either a full-time or drop-in basis. The CBE receives no government funding for lunch supervision services, and the CBE does not take any money away from classroom instructional budgets in order to support lunchroom programs. Therefore, all parents are required to pay for lunchroom service if they wish to access this program. There will be no waivers available as this program is intended to be a "user-pay" program. Parents should also know that lunchroom program supervision is considered to be a tax-deductible child care expense, and they are encouraged to retain a copy of their payment receipts for that purpose. Click here to learn more about CBE Noon Supervision policies and principles.


The fee for lunchroom services for each family can be found on this link:


Please note that there are no hot water, oven or microwave ovens available for heating up foods. After the children finish their lunches, they will be playing outside except on extremely cold or wet days. Therefore, we request your child be dressed appropriately for changing outdoor weather.


Every year, it seems, there are occasions when a child is absent from the lunchroom (either staying home, at an appointment or going to a friend's for lunch) Please make sure you have signed out your child at the office so that we knoe not to expect them in the lunchroom program for that day.

Students are required to sign out when leaving the building for lunch and sign back in when they return, unless this is their normal routine.

Drop-In Program

A drop-in program will also be offered at $5.00 per lunch. Registration for drop-in is required. Tickets may be purchased as a sheet of 5 for $25.00. Note that no tax receipt will be issued for single tickets. A ticket with your child's name, grade and data of attendance may be left in an envelope addressed Attention Lunchoroom at the school office. We request one day notice when possible to ensure adequate staff for supervision.