The World of Shadows


Have you ever noticed how shadows change? Sometimes they are longer, sometimes they are shorter, and sometimes they seem to disappear!

Find out what causes this to happen. You will collect data to find out why your shadow changes throughout the day.


Work collaboratively with another student in the class.
Take photos of your changing shadows.
Measure your shadows and graph them using line and bar graphs.
Create a short Keynote presentation to present your findings.


Step #1 - Learn more about Shadows

Use the following web sites to discover and learn more about Shadows:

Step #2 - Measure and photograph your Shadows

Take jot notes about the important information you learn.
Choose the bike racks, a pole, the flag pole to watch at certain times of the day (9:00 am, 11:30 am, and 2:30 pm).
You and your partner will record your findings. Using your metre stick, measure from the base of the object along the ground to the tip of its shadow.  Record the length of the object's shadow on your paper as well as any other significant changes in the shadow.  For example, if the sun is in the eastern sky, the shadow will be pointing west. This information needs to be recorded in a table or chart. Make sure to be as precise in your measurement as you can be! If you measure the first shadow in cm, make sure you continue to use cm.
Use a digital camera to record what the shadow looks like. (This activity will be completed over a period of three days to allow all groups time to photograph and compare the photos.)
Describe where your object is located, make sure you record the dates and times you watched your item, the weather and changes that you observe.

Step #3  Enter and analyze your data

From the data you gathered from your measurements of shadows, use Keynote to create at least two different graphs.

Step #4  Present your findings

Using Keynote, you and your partner will present your information.  Your presentation will show information about shadows, your shadow photos, and present data to uphold your findings of how shadows grow, shrink and disappear.

Your Keynote should include:

Title page: include the names of your group members
  Information slide to include what your object was and where it was located,
Several Data Slides - no more than 4, showing some or all of the photographs you have taken)
Graphs detailing the changes in the shadow
  Summary page/Conclusions (explain why your shadow changes size, and the role the sun plays in your shadow's length.)

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Based on a WebQuest by Mackey Black Gold Regional Schools June 2006