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Grade 3

Our Year in Grade Three



Social Studies Websites
India Peru Tunisia
Atlapedia- India Atlapedia - Peru Atlapedia - Tunisia
Weather & Time Weather & Time Weather & Time
Welcome to India Cities of Peru Information
Images-LearnAlberta Geographia 2Learn Links
TrekEarth Photos Nat'l Geographic Images - LearnAlberta
How to Grow a Mandala MongaBay-Rainforest Nile River
5 Mandalas in 9 Minutes (colour) TrekEarth Photos
Wildlife Tours Machu Picchu
The Great Wilds of India Images-LearnAlberta
Animal Life Cycles Animal Links
Animals of India TrekEarth Photos African Cultural Centre
Nat'l Geographic  
Additional Resources Additional Resources Additional Resources
The Ukraine Canada The World
Atlapedia - Ukraine Atlapedia - Canada Atlapedia - Country list
Weather & Time Calgary Weather & Time  
Culture Calgary Stampede Say Hello to the World
Culture and Traditions CBC Geo World
Additional Resources
General Info.  
Language Arts Websites
  Other Websties
TopMarks Toon Online Books
Making Words Dance Mat Typing
Instant Poetry Little Women for Women in Afghanistan
Poetry Foundation Enchanted Learning
Spelling City Cursive Writing

Image Searches:

Morgue File

Every Stock Photo


The Commons

Math Sites
Fun For the Brain  
Interactive Geoboards Glencoe Math Manipulatives BLAST to 10
Good for SMARTBoards
Virtual Math Cool Math
Dog Bone AmbleWeb Nelson Math site
IXL Math Problem Solving Math Playground
Skill Builder Perimeter and Area Number Games

Science Websites


Internet Safety
Privacy Playground Co-Co's AdvertSmarts NetSmartz
Cyber Pigs SafeSurf (Youth Link Calgary)  
Other Websites