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Grade 4

Language Arts
Raz Kids Log In Black Gold Kids - LA  
Spelling City Word Graphs Sense Typing
Our Canadian Girl The S-Team Bullying Links
Spelling City Making Words Aboriginal Legends
Great Canadian Legends (CBC) Canadian Folklore Cursive Writing
Snowflake Wordle Poetry Archive Draw a Stickman
Dance Mat Typing Movie Making with Zimmer Twins TOON Online Books
Plant Growth and Change Wheels and Levers Building Vehicles and Devices that Move
Black Gold Kids Black Gold Kids Black Gold Kids
Biology of Plants SnailBob Game Simple Machines
42 Explore
One Year Time Lapse Houston site for Simple Machines Franklin Institute
Simple Machines
DDS DC Energy Quizzes Simple Machines Alien Attack
Rube Goldberg Muscle Machines Robot Design Studio
  Levers Remote Controlled Robots
Waste and Our World Light and Shadow General Science
  Black Gold Kids NFB Space School
  BBC Light and Shadow  
Black Gold Kids BBC How We See Things  
Waste and our World
Time and Date Site Wonderville
Destination Conservation U of C Solar Car Team EdHeads
Atco Energy Mobile Far Out Lenses Endangered Animals
Water Treatment Design a Solar Cooker Virtual Museum of Canada
Interactive Geoboards Black Gold Kids - Math Khan Academy
On-line Math Manipulatives Adjustable Spinner Quadrilaterals
IXL Math - Grade 4 IXL Math - all grades Symmetry
Interactive Tiling BBC Skillswise Reading Times and Dates
Problem Solving Strategy British Math Site Math Tale Winds
Interactive Games Symmetry Web Quest Census
Telling Time - Time Monsters Math Cats Main Page Math Cats
What a Crowd Math Cats Micro Worlds CENSUS @ SCHOOL
Perimeter & Area THINK CENTRAL
Excelent Manipulatives!
Social Studies
  Samuel Steele Museum Site  
Alberta Study Links Mavericks - Glenbow Museum CBC News
Buffalo Alberta Source Canadian Encyclopedia
Calgary Stampede Glenbow Museum Letters from the Trunk
Info Links 2Learn Image Gallery British Sound Gallery
LegacyJones Timeline Projects Kesler Timeline Projects Sound Clips
Digital Citizenship and Bully Proofing Web Sites
  Black Gold Kids - French  
Vocabulary Bonjour les amis QUIA
TOON Books NOEL Listen, Speak and Play
Fine Arts
Alberta Society of Artists Art in Canada-Alberta Art in Canada
Alberta Artists Kidnetic - Fitness Challenge
(Phys. Ed.)
Health, etc.

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Privacy Pirates Common Sense Media
Pumpkin Carving Spelloween TumbleBooks
Earth's Kid's Halloween Halloween Songs & Poems Spooky, fun potions
Pirate Ship Tour Pumpkin Sorting Ghost Walk Game