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Admin Message | April

Thank you to all who attended Student Led Conferences. Parents were impressed by their children’s ability to explain their learning with excitement and clarity. Parents also reflected on how much they learned about what their children were doing in school, and how amazed they were at the level of responsibility their children were taking for their own learning. They were able to see examples of deeper understanding and involvement. Thank you for taking the time to come. We also appreciate all the hard work teachers have done to help students prepare for these conferences.

Thank you for returning the forms regarding attendance next school year. This helps us in planning our organization and staffing for next year. We receive a certain amount of funds per student and then need to look at student needs, program, and staff expertise in order to best use the resources available. With new programs and new schools opening across CBE this upcoming fall, we would like to gather more information in order to plan ahead. If you did not get a form at conference, we will send you one in April.

We are starting to make preparations for our new hours next year, as well. CBE began this process over a year ago, giving over a year’s notice to those schools whose bell times were changing more than 30 minutes. School hours will be from 9:05 AM to 3:50 PM, Monday to Thursday, with a 2:00 PM dismissal on Fridays. Thank you to those peo-ple who responded to our last year’s survey and to those who sent letters of concern.

We have to say goodbye to Ms. Laura Greenfield in our SKILL program. We are happy to be welcoming back Mrs. York from maternity leave, however, we will miss M. Green-field . She has done an amazing job here at DDS and we wish her well in her future teaching career. Mrs. Rachel Oke will be returning after Spring Break and we thank Ms. Yassmeen Hammadieh for her great work in Mrs. Oke’s absence. We’d also like to wel-come Mr. Greg Morrell, our new Facility Operator. He’ll be the one wearing the Hawai-ian shirt—be sure to introduce yourself to him!

Congratulations to Mr. Fidler and his wife, who have a new baby girl!

We wish everyone a fantastic Spring Break!

Diane Kamitakahara and Shawna Weir