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Thank you to everyone involved in our council.
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CBE Community Report 2015 (pdf)

Report Card Information

An important change has been made to our report cards. You will notice three areas that represent a system-wide initiative to implement the reporting of the Results: Citizenship, Personal Development, and Character. You will also notice that no assessment indicator is given until the final reporting period, and that blank boxes will appear in this area in reporting periods 1 and 2. Please refer to the teacher’s comments for your child’s assessment during these reporting times.

More Information |CBE website > Assessment and Reporting

Parent Resources

Have you visited the Parent Resource section of our Learning Commons?
We have an ever-expanding selection of resources for parents. Come in to the Learning Commons to check out the titles, games, etc.

From our School Nurse:
Technology Social Skills
Feeding the Mind
What's for Lunch
Kids Health - December

Health and Wellness Information:
Developing your child's storytelling skills
Improving your child's memory
31 Alternatives to 'Screen Time'
The Effect of TV on Language Development

Helping your child learn to read
Speech and Hearing Tips
Processing Disorders
Pre-Reading Skills
Word-finding Difficulties
Talking and Television
Protecting your child's voice


CBE Transportation Web Site

Don't Miss the Bus!
Reminder of why you need to submit your charter transportation contracts on time.
• Bus stops are extablished based on charter transportation contracts received in the Transportation office prior to June 30th. We cannot anticipate where you live and cannot establish a bus stop without a completed contract.
• Established bus stops/routes will not be changed for any contract received after June 30th.
• If you have missed the deadline and there is no bus stop within the prescribed distance from your residence, you must submit a Charter Transportation Change Request form which may take up to 8 weeks to process. The form is available on the web site, above.
Walk Zone Map

Mountain Park School Web Site

Fee Information

(Lunchroom, Bus, Instructional and Materials Fees, etc)
School fees provide schools with essential learning resources that ensure students are presented with the best possible learning enrichment opportunities. In this section, information is provided on the various fees at our schools as well as information about fee waivers.

We would love to hear from you! You can contact Karin in our school office to apply for Security Clearance so that you will be able to volunteer. Please bring in 2 pieces of ID (including one photo ID.) Once clearance has been received from the Calgary Police Service, it is good for 5 years, even with a change of schools. If you have received clearance at another CBE school we can contact the previous school and have the clearance transferred.

CBE Come Volunteer with Us

Digital Citizenship at Douglasdale School

Digital citizenship is a comprehensive approach to the use of digital technologies that spans student education from K-12 and into adulthood. Digital citizenship is not a single lesson or unit nor is it centred on a specific technology. Digital citizenship should be practiced in every course, throughout the school and at home. It is an ongoing partnership between teachers, students and parents. Just as teachers build an awareness of the importance of digital citizenship at school, parents build and reinforce these concepts with their children at home. Students need to approach any use of technology with the digital citizenship components in mind.

A Learner Accessible Network (LAWN) allowing students to use personal devices to connect with theiInternet at school is being introduced throughout the CBE.

It is important to note that the new network will honour existing content filtering levels. Sites that are currently blocked in a school will remain blocked on a student's own device. Principals and teachers will still retain discretion over when students can use this network in class.


21st Century Learners

We are working to provide excellent learning experiences using technology in our school.Our Innovative Learning team have developed a comprehensive description of 'The 21st Century Learner'.
We have used this work in developing our School Development Plan.
Let us know if this information fits with what you see as important for your child(ren).

See our For Students page for links to curriculum information.