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How the Grinch Stole Christmas Video

School Song

Our school song was written by our wonderful and very talented facility operator. We have come to love and appreciate this song very much as it captures pretty well the values and goals of our school. Here are the words:


Scenic Acres School Song

Raise the flag for another day
We’re all growing in our own special way
Each of us has come to see
How together we’re joining in sweet harmony

Scenic Acres
What a great place to be
The mountains and blue skies remind us
To see how high we can reach

Be the best that you can today
Work together let’s all co-operate
How much fun can learning be?
With so many hands building our community

Scenic Acres
What a great place to be
The mountains and blue skies remind us
To see how high we can reach
Let’s see how high we can reach

Desire2Learn Resources

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Kid Friendly Search Engines & Resources


General sites
Student Resources Page
A link the Calgary Board of Education site for students.
Student Email
A link to student email in the Calgary Board of Education.
Learn Alberta
A variety of encylopedias online. You will need to contact your teacher for a log in number and password.
Calgary Public Library
It's amazing how easy it is to order books online!
Touch Typing
An easy program that will teach some of the basics of keyboarding. Try it with the correct fingers and without looking.
Another Typing Program
This one requires you to register but assures that information will not be used for spaming purposes. Have your parents register using their email. It is a good one.


Current Events

National Geographic
This site has different activities and articles designed for kids. At the top right of the menue bar is a link to the National Geographic main page.
Scholastic News
This site also has some interesting news articles designed for kids.


Multi subject

PBS Kids
This site has some games and stories involving some well known children's TV characters.
Learn to Read
A variety of things to read online from prebeginner to more advanced.
Play Kids
Different games and puzzles. Categories include geography, math, memory, and vocalbulary.



Math Manipulative Library
An amazing array of virtual manipulatives for students of all ages. Worth a look!
A cool site where you can explore and make online tesselations
A+ Math
A great site to pracitse basic math. Includes worksheets, games, flashcards, and more.
Funbrain offers a link to various math games that enforce basic skills. Links to other topics are also available.
This site contains a wealth of information and some challenging
Math problems.
Math Activities from Eduplace
Some math games and activities listed by grade.


Social Studies

Canadian Atlas
This site has a searcheable database of Canadian places, regions, facts ect.



Insects for kids
A great list of kid friendly insect sites
Thinking Fountain
This site has some neat activities for younger kids.
A gateway of information regarding Nasa and their research.
Walk in the shoes of an astronaut and learn more about these people.
Images of our Earth taken from space.
A learning center for young astronomers. Quite interactive!
Steve Spangler Science
Steve Spangler has a variety of Science activities and experiments on this site with links to age appropriateness.


Language Arts

Spelling and vocabulary from eduplace
Fun spelling and vocabulary games.
Game Goo Learning that Sticks
Fun vocabulary and grammar games.
My StoryMaker
Create and save your own online story that you can print or share with friends.
Hear authors read their books to you.