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Provide the following information if your child will be absent or late:
Full name of the student
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Reason for the absence

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Please start the subject line of your email with "Attendance" to help us sort our email.

Attendance is checked in the morning. If you are unable to email, call us at 403-777-6890.

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Grades 1 – 4
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Welcome to Sam Livingston School

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May 23rd - 27th

Monday, May 23rd is Victoria Day. The school will be closed and there is no school for students.


We had an incredible group of hard-working families who came out on Saturday to support the Enviro-lab at Sam Livingston School. The amount of weeds that were pulled is staggering! Thank you so, so much to everyone who made it out and especially to those who organized the event. Check out for some pictures of the event!


There is still some compost remaining to be picked up at the school. Please feel free to stop by tomorrow (Friday May 20th) from 8am-1pm or next week sometime to claim your order. Thank you!


We will be welcoming our Calgary Police Service community liaison, Constable Gemma Baker, to the school on Tuesday, May 24th. She will be working with the grade 4 classes throughout the day on the importance of honesty, good friendships and on responsibility in the school and in the community.


All Kindergarten students will be attending an ALL DAY field trip to the zoo on Wednesday, May 25th. They will be exploring many various animal exhibits as they make observations and deepen their understanding of animal habitats.


Students in grades 1-4 will be walking to Nickle School on Wednesday, May 25th in the morning to experience one of two plays, either The Velveteen Rabit or Snow Queen. Thank you to Nickle School for inviting our students to participate in this rich learning experience!


The ME to WE club will be hosting a Skipathon on Wednesday, May 25th at 1:00 PM. We are asking for donations of $2 with the proceeds going to NSTEP. NSTEP is a Calgary Organization that goes into schools and teaches students about WHY they need to be active every day and eat more of the four food groups. This leads to behavioral lifestyle changes that will positively impact their whole health. Both physical activity and healthy eating (which positively impact mental well-being) are key elements to start the deep cultural shift for healthy habits for life for all children as they grow into adults.


$2 is the cost for the program to run for 1 student for one month. We are asking students to bring their own skipping ropes, hula-hoops or skip-its. NSTEP is part of the Birdies for Kids program which means that for every dollar we raise, the Birdies program will match it with 50 cents for the NSTEP program in Calgary.

WOW!! Wednesday, May 25th is a very busy day at Sam Livingston School! We are so appreciative of all of our staff, parents and volunteers who make the authentic, rich learning at Sam possible. MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!

Coding club continues for rooms 20, 23, 11 and 14 on Wednesday and for rooms 13, 19, 4 and 8 on Thursday.



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AHS Family & Community Resource Centre | Current Sessions

AHS Newsletter for Parents | A Garden for Every Child / Health Hazards of Hookah


Public Engagement

The CBE is committed to involving people in decisions that affect them. Your perspectives help us to make the best decisions on behalf of our 117,000 students. Within such a large school system, there are many opportunities to provide input. Please visit for more information and to have your say.


Also see Dollars & Sense with CFO Brad Grundy.


Transfers to new schools

As you know, the CBE is opening new schools throughout Calgary for the 2016-17 school year. Please visit the CBE new school registration page for information on where to send transfer forms if a student requests to transfer from their current school to one of the new schools.


Email Attendance Procedure

If your child will be absent or late, please send us an email. Follow the instructions and use the email address listed on the left.


Parking Lot & Traffic Safety

The safety of all students at all times is a priority at Sam Livingston School. Note that the loading or unloading of children in our parking lot is prohibited. Please review the Traffic Safety Map (pdf) and read the "Traffic Safety" section in For Parents. Thank you for working with us to ensure our students are always safe!


Kindergarten Registration


Kindergarten Registration for the 2016-17 school year is ongoing. Note that if you are in our catchment area your child is assured a spot in our French Immersion program. In order to register your child we require the child’s birth certificate as well as a proof of your home address. Fill out the Student Registration Form at the school or complete it online and bring it with you. The form and all the registration information you need can be found on the CBE website at: Registration Kindergarten to Grade 9.


Sam Livingston Kindergarten Orientation Presentation

Also check out our Kindergarten section in For Parents.


French Immersion as an Alternative Program Choice 2016

CBE Kindergarten Information


School Bus Orientation Program


The ‘My 1st Ride’ school bus orientation program for first time riders is offered free of charge to registered Calgary Board of Education Kindergarten students. The dates for ‘My 1st Ride' are:

Sat, May 28th, 2016 at Bishop Carroll High School Sun., May 29th, 2016 at Forest Lawn High School


Register Now

Online registration opens at 9 am on Monday, April 18 at (enter My 1st Ride in the event search box).


What's New


Upcoming Events


May 2-27 - Gymnastics/Movement education

May 24 - Calgary Police liaison visits with Grade 4's

May 25 - Kindergarten Zoo fieldtrip - ALL DAY!

May 25 - Gr 1-4: Nickle school play AM, skipathon PM - donations welcome

May 30-June 3 - Trickster artist in residence program

June 3 - Trickster Presentation 5:30 pm

June 14 - School Council & Association Meeting, 6:30-8:30 pm



See our calendars for a full listing of events and musical performances.



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