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Sam Livingston Bus Maps

Walk Zone

Our walk zone is available online in the Sam Livingston School Profile. You can also enter your address in the Find a School tool ( to see your designated schools for any grade and program combination, see your house on the map with the walk zone and attendance areas, and get directions using Google maps.

Bus Maps & SchedulesYellow School Bus

For the 2017-18 school year, the bus route maps will be available at Maps are organized by school name and route letter.

Students are asked to keep their ZPass as it will be used again for the 2017-18 school year.

You can register your child for yellow school bus transportation online using your My CBE Account or completing a transportation registration form.

Please visit the CBE website to find more information on fees and service levels for the 2017-18 school year.

You can view your child's 2017-18 bus route map. Maps are organized by school name and route letter.

Yellow school bus registrations can be cancelled by Oct. 30 with no financial penalty. Cancellation forms must be completed before a pro-rated refund can be considered. No refunds will be processed for service cancelled after Apr. 30, or for individual trip delays.

Students who are not attending the designated school for their program, or who are not within the transportation service area, may be able to access existing yellow bus service as a conditional rider if there is a suitable stop on the existing bus route. Fees will not be waived for conditional riders. You can apply to be a conditional rider online using your My CBE Account or completing a conditional rider registration form. Conditional riders are not permitted to ride the bus until it is determined there is space on the bus and riders have been approved by Transportation Services.

Parents/guardians whose children access yellow bus service can view the status of their bus on My School Bus Monitor.

Visit CBE Transportation? for forms and more information.

Zonar Zpass

ZPass Students approved for CBE transportation receive a ZPass to ride a yellow school bus, issued by Transportation Services and distributed by schools. The ZPass only has your child’s CBE ID number, for reasons of privacy and security. Please do not add personal identifying information.

  • Students scan their ZPass through an electronic card reader installed on the bus every time they get on and off the bus.
  • If a student forgets a ZPass, he or she should notify the driver. They will still be able to ride the bus.
  • If a student loses a ZPass, parents are required to request a replacement pass through the school. The school will send the request to Transportation Services. A new ZPass will be printed and sent to the school. A $5 replacement fee applies.
  • ZPass transaction data is logged and transmitted to a secure, confidential database accessible by authorized personnel only. This data is used for the following:
    • to assist in emergency and lost student situations
    • to expedite distribution of information regarding service cancellations and delays
    • to provide more accurate ridership counts, enabling Transportation Services to more efficiently develop future schedules and stops
    • does not identify a student by name or address, or allow them to be tracked electronically
  • ZPasses are meant to be multiyear and should be kept for reuse, even if transportation is cancelled for a period of time.
  • As long as your child is eligible and you have registered for transportation, your child can ride the bus while awaiting a pass.
  • If a student has a valid transportation contract they can use their ZPass on any existing route.

Please take the time to secure your child's bus pass to his\her backpack to avoid losing it.

Late Buses

Southland Transportation does not consider a bus late until it is delayed 10 minutes beyond its regular leave time. This means that for buses leaving after school with our leave time of 2:46 p.m. the bus is not deemed late unless it has not left the school until after 2:56 p.m. As a result you must add an additional 10 minutes to the usual drop off time at your child’s stop before considering the bus late. This 10 minutes is to account for traffic and other possible small delays.

If your child has not arrived at the bus stop on time (10 minutes past usual drop off time) please follow these steps:

  1. Check the bus monitor at choosing Sam Livingston School from the drop down menu.
  2. Check your email for a message from Sam Livingston School identifying a delay for your child’s bus.
  3. Contact Southland Transportation at 403-287-1335 because they are able to communicate with the buses and provide you with information directly from the bus.
  4. Contact Sam Livingston School at 403-777-6890. We will also contact Southland Transportation to receive updated information on bus delays to report to you.

Do not wait – if there is no information on Bus Monitor and you have not received a message from the school please contact Southland Transportation or the school immediately.