Calgary Board of Education

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Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews

Upcoming Dates

  • Sep. 21, 2017 3-7:30 PM
  • Sep. 22, 2017 8-11 AM

You can book Parent Teacher Interviews online in My CBE Account.
Parents will be informed, either by email or on this website when online booking opens. Usually online booking opens a week in advance.

The process for booking interviews is broken into the following steps:

1. Create or login to My CBE Account

  • click My CBE Account
  • on the My CBE Account page, login into your existing account or create a new account*
  • add your child(ren) using their CBE student ID
  • once you set up a new account, you will receive a confirmation via email. You must click on the “complete process” link in the email to activate your account.

*The person setting up a My CBE Account must be a legal guardian, use the same email address the school has on file; and have their child(ren)’s CBE student ID numbers.

For more booking assistance see:

2. Book your interview

  • in My CBE Account, click on "Book a Conference"
  • select the school and the teacher to see each teacher's schedule
  • select a time slot and save your changes

After booking your appointments you can print off your schedule. You will also receive an email containing the teacher name, time and location of the interview. You can log into the system at any time to view your bookings, print, cancel or re-schedule appointments. You have the option of submitting comments or questions to the teacher as part of the booking process.

Note: If you do not have Internet access, you are welcome to contact the office and we will schedule interviews on your behalf.