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Health & Wellness

School Nurse - 2016-17

If you are ever in need of contacting the Sam Livingston school nurse, please note her contact information. You may contact her during normal working hours regarding health questions such as immunization, head lice, healthy snacks and vision checkups.

Laura Lodberg RN MN
Public Health Nurse
Acadia Community Health Centre
#132, 151-86 Ave SE Calgary T2H 3A5

Comprehensive Physical Education Program

Réveille-matin des Healthy Learners is the new Comprehensive Physical Education Program at Sam Livingston School.

Health & Wellness in Schools

The CBE believes in a whole-school approach to health and wellness. Our approach is a holistic philosophy that is embedded in a school’s culture. A comprehensive approach to building a healthy school community is a positive and proactive way to promote health and wellness.

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Healthy Eating

Many more resources are on the AHS website Nutrition | Healthy Eating Starts Here.

Alberta Health Services (AHS)

Healthy Children Parent Newsletters 2015-2016

French versions are available on the AHS website.

Success stories


In May 2013 we had some lazer games painted on our 2 compound areas for the kids to play.  They voted for their favorites and we were able to paint 8 different games in all.
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