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Before and After School Care

  • The CBE does not operate daycare or before and after school (out of school) programs. A before and after school care program will be offered by Adventures, a third-party operator in our school. To register or learn more visit Contact Nancy at 403-669-5634 or email

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Fidget Tools

2017/05 | You may have seen or heard in the media about the popularity of “fidget spinners” among school age students. We are sharing this information with you to ensure there is clear and consistent information about the use of fidget tools in our school setting. 

A fidget tool (or fidget toy) is an object that a student might use for a variety of purposes such as supporting their ability to sit as part of a group, attend to a conversation, or to keep their hands busy if they have difficulty keeping their hands to themselves. Fidget tools come in many shapes and sizes and “fidget spinners” are just one example. We encourage the use of fidget tools for some students. At school, the use of a fidget tool by a student in class is something that must be agreed upon between the student and teacher as part of a plan to support the child’s learning. For example, a student who has an IPP may have the use of a fidget tool listed as a strategy. A child who does not have an IPP could have a verbal agreement with his or her teacher about the use of a fidget tool in particular circumstances (e.g. when listening at the carpet). Fidget tools are a “targeted strategy” which means they are used by specific students for specific purposes, rather than being used universally by all students.

We have a variety of fidget tools at Sam that are appropriate for students to use in class and it is not necessary to purchase a fidget tool for your child. If your child has purchased a fidget spinner or other type of fidget toy, please check with your child’s teacher to see if this is an appropriate strategy for your child to use at school (a quick email is fine).

The expectation for all students is that any fidget tool is to be used appropriately at all times and that it must not be a distraction to learning for themselves or others. If staff find that the use of a fidget tool is a distraction, the student will be expected to put it away or staff may confiscate it and ask parents to pick it up from the school.

We do not encourage students to bring fidget toys to school to play with at recess or lunch. Students who do so will be expected to leave them in their backpacks while in class. We can not be responsible for the loss of any tools or toys that students bring from home. Thank you for your support. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the principal or assistant principal at the school.  

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Registration for the 2017-18 kindergarten school year is underway.

Lost and Found

  • With the weather in constant flux, there is a large volume of hoodies, sweaters, jackets, and snow pants in the Lost and Found. Take a look at the Lost and Found and remember that unclaimed items go to donation at the end of the month.



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