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School News

Grade 1 off to Fort Calgary, Mar. 1

West Dover Grade 1 students are off to Fort Calgary Wednesday. They will be continuing to focus on learning about the origins of our city and community.

Parent Wellness Night, Feb. 23

West Dover Parent wellness team hosted Sakokato (Elder Randy Bottle) for an evening of learning about the stories of the land and how they connect us as a community. Parents and children had a chance to experience the different parts of Blackfoot ceremony including smudge, blessing and introductions in circle. Sakokato shared stories about the importance of names and how getting to know people is foundational in building trusting relationships with each other.

Blackfoot Artifact Gallery, Feb. 6 - Feb. 22

West Dover School has had the good fortune of hosting one of the CBE's Blackfoot Artifact Gallery. The birch bark canoe, the chizzle tool and the arrow heads just to name a few of the artifacts were the focus of many student sketches. The students hypothesized the different uses and then did some research and either confirmed their or disproved their hunches.

Report Cards Home Jan.27

West Dover Students will be bringing home their report cards today. Please take time to read over the reports with your child and celebrate the good work that has occured during the first term. if there are any questions that arise please feel free to contact your childs teacher. Early next week, please sign the brown folder and have your child return it to the teacher to ensure you have recieved the report.

Mr. Link 2/3 Stampede School Jan. 22-27

This past week students from Mr. Link's grade 2/3 class had the opportunity to head down the stampede grounds and learn about the people and places that have made The Calgary Stampede the greatest outdoor show on earth. Checking student journals there were many references to the founding fathers of the stampede and the blackfoot people.

Blackfoot Elder Randy Bottle, Jan. 22

Today students in all grades begin a journey of learning about the stories of the lands with Blackfoot Elder Randy Bottle. Randy will be sharing his knowledge and helping pass along the many traditional teachings that have lived in Southern Alberta for thousands of years.

Mrs. Garcia and Mrs. Peterson grade 1's Arts Commons Jan. 15

This week the grade 1 students had an opportunity to express their understanding of their learning through the arts by working along side the experts at the Arts Commons. Student had exposure to drama, sculpture and song during the week.

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