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School News

Lacrosse with ABE students, May 12

This past Tuesday the grade 3/4 and 1/2 students of West Dover had an opportunity to learn more about our national sport of lacrosse. Maya, Jack and Laureen all students from William Aberhart High School spent the morning working with the kids and helping them build their skills and understanding of the sport. This event was organized and run all by the grd. 10 students as part of their school work in social studies 10. Special thanks to Empowering Minds and Chek's Sports who donated a class set of equipment to the school as part of the visit.

Grd 5/6 field trip to Telus Spark, May 12

This week the grade 5/ 6 students had a chance to explore the new science center. Everyone had a chance to experience the documentary movie "The Forces of Nature" in the new 3 story dome theatre. Students spent time creating a visual journal entry connecting the ideas to their work on weather. The group then had an opportunity to choose from a variety of activities which included doing some wood working, creating a fashion design and placing it on a manican, making a track out of pipe and running a ball bearing through it, and making a water dam. The students found the day very engaging and many described it as "fantastic". Thank you to the teachers, volunteers and parents who made it possible.

Accessing MY CBE ACCOUNT (aka: the parent information portal)

Click here to access the MY CBE ACCOUNT. The cbe parent portal allows you to pay fees online, access waivers, noon supervision programs and also book parent teacher interview times online. We are currently hosting our first parent teacher interview session this year. It will be the expectation for the second parent teacher interview session that each parent book their interview times online via their CBE ACCOUNT