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School News

Literacy Night Open House : Oct. 20

This Thursday evening West Dover will be hosting a Literacy Evening for all of our Families. Please feel free to drop in a join us anytime in between 5:30 and 7:30pm. There will be many opportunities to learn how the teachers are building the literacy skills of our students in their classrooms. As well, parents will be able to discuss with teachers the ways in which they offer support from home. We look forward to seeing you this Thursday.

Fall Break : Oct. 7-16

The staff at West Dover would like to wish all the families of West Dover a Happy Thanksgiving and safe fall break.Enjoy the time off to rest up and rejuvinate. We look forward to seeing you Monday Oct. 17.

Honoring the survivors of residential schools, Oct. 6

Today the students, staff and families of West Dover had the opportunity to learn about the residential school experience from two elder survivors. The stories both elders shared resonated with many students in the crowd as they were about the same age as the kids at the school when they were taken from their families and forced to go to school far away from home. Both spoke of being treated unfairly but somehow being resilient enough to keep going and living.

The students had a chance to watch a fancy dancer and see an example of a young man who has worked to connect with his culture and celebrate their traditional ways.

Sigmund Brouwer author visit: Sept. 29

Today the students, staff and families of West Dover had the opportunity to learn about story with renowned canadian author Sigmund Brouwer. He engaged the students in his rock and roll literacy assembly with a number of catchy songs and tantelizing stories. One of the favourites of the kids was the story about the chapstick and the pet cat. After the whole school assembly each grade level was given time to further their understanding of how to further their story writing abilities.

In the afternoon Sigmund worked with all the teachers to help them use story as a means to build students literacy skills.

Terry Fox Run & Olympic PE celebration: Sept. 16

Today the students, staff and families of West Dover celebrated the work Terry Fox had done in raising awareness for cancer research and overall caring for each other as a community. The grade 4 and 5 students lead the assembly that kicked of the day. Emily shared the details she learned about Terry's journey for hope and caring for each other. Hailee shared her interpretation of what makes West Dover unique and just a few of the ways we care for each other every day. The grade two students ended the assembly by articulating one word and a sentence that they felt summed up what Terry's work meant to them. They had the fantastic experience of going to see the Terry Fox exhibit that just opened at the Sports Hall of Fame on Wednesday.

After the assembly all the students and staff hit the field and enjoyed a wonderful fall morning participating in the olympic sports that they had learned over the past three weeks in physical education class. A big thank you goes out to the WD parent council who provided refreshments and snacks to the whole school as they toured the different stations.

Grade 2: Canada's Olympic Sports Hall of Fame, Sept. 14

The grade 2 students from West Dover headed out to Canada Olympic Park to learn through sports artifacts and athletes stories in the Olympic Sports Hall of Fame. The students enoyed the opportunity to act and learn with the lens of being a currator of a museum and handle a number of sports artifacts and try to determine the stories they told. The students also had a chance to explore the museum as a whole and take in all the different athlete's stories of excellence through hard work and determination. A big thank you goes out to the parents and student nurses who volunteered on the trip as well as the Flames Foundation who paid for the admission and bus fees for the trip.

Grade 2/3's: Fall Harvest at the community garden, Sept. 7

The grade 2/3 class headed over to the dover community garden to check on the plants and veggetables they planted as grade 1 students in the spring. When the students arrived they quickly found all of their beats, lettuce, potatoes and carrots were ready for harvest. The students thoroughly enjoyed pulling up the plants and munching on the odd one that came out of the ground right away. A big thanks to Ms. Given and Mrs. Rose who helped out last year and making sure the plants survived the summer. The students look forward to cleaning up the veggies they harvested and making it their snacks for the week.

School Opening Celebration: Pancake Breakfast & Hoja Concert, Aug. 26

A big thanks goes out to all those who attended the Welcome Back pancake breakfast. Almost all of the students and their families from the school stopped by in the morning and had a pancake and some oranges. The school would like to specifically thank the West Dover Community Association for letting us use their facilities, the West Dover Parent Council for volunterring their time setting up, cooking and taking down, as well as the West Dover Staff for setting up, preparing , cooking, serving and cleaning up.

After the breakfast was over the whole school headed down to the gym for a fantastic concert by Hoja. The accapela band had the students and staff singing and dancing the whole time that they played. Matthew, one of the band members brought forward a great message of finding things in life that you are passionate about and then working hard to set goals and achieve them in those areas.

Sept. 2 is Patrol Training for Grade 4 & 5 students, Aug.26

Attention all those grade 4 & 5 students intrested in being on the school patrols. Constable Ross will be by Friday Sept. 2 at 9 am to train all the students. At which time we will formulate a patrol schedule and identify who the luietenants are for the upcoming school year. If you are going to be away that day please let Mr. Lailey know ahead of time to make alternate arrangements to get trained.

Don't Miss Out on School Messages, Aug.26

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In addition, if you want to receive any text messages from our school, you need to opt-in by texting the word YES to the six-digit number 724665.

Accessing MY CBE ACCOUNT (aka: the parent information portal)

Click here to access the MY CBE ACCOUNT. The cbe parent portal allows you to pay fees online, access waivers, noon supervision programs and also book parent teacher interview times online. We are currently hosting our first parent teacher interview session this year. It will be the expectation for the second parent teacher interview session that each parent book their interview times online via their CBE ACCOUNT