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Jump Rope 4 Heart, March 6

Students gathered in the gym today to kick off the campaign to raise funds to help heart and stroke research. The team from Jump Rope for Heart had the kids jumping and dancing to a variety of music. Showing off the natural ability all of us have to skip rope. Parents, we will need your help to reach our goal of raising $1500.00 over the next few weeks. Please help your son or daughter set up their donation account and spread the word on how your friends and families can contribute to the cause.

Grade 1 & 2 Sharing Night, March 5

Grade 1 and 2 students had an opportunity to show their parents first hand all the interesting work they have been up to in their classrooms. The parents got treated to some virtual tours of artic museum exhibits. Students and parents were up at the smartboard learning about the artic fox and other animal inhabitants of the artic. In one of the classrooms students were explaining to parents the different types of inukshuks and how they were similar to the modern day road signs. Many thanks to all those who took time to attend and make the evening possible.

Kindergarten Sharing Night, Feb. 26

Students had the opportunity to share with their parents tonight all the work they had been doing in their class. The kindergarten students were full of self confidence and could be seen taking their mom or dads to each of six areas in the classroom and showing them items such as their visual journals, science experiments or books they are reading. The evening culminated with the group heading off to the gym and taking part in a variety of dances and passing the basketball back and forth.

S4 Constable Ross & Kindies, Feb. 25

Constable Ross dropped by the Kindergarten classroom today to visit with the students. He introduced his lesson by going over his tool belt with the kids and emphasizing that his job is to help keep the community safe. He shared a few pictures that showed the diversity of the police force and the many opportunities there are to help kids be connected contributing members of their communities. Further visits will include work with the students in grades 1 &2, 3 & 4 and 5 & 6.

Eco Team Assembly, Feb. 11

Today students from the eco-team presented to the whole school the work they have been doing throughout the school this year.

First off were some skits and movies explaining how the energy savings check ups work and the criteria the team members are looking for each visit; smart boards on/off, classroom computers on or on sleep mode, and lights being on/off all during non instructional time over the lunch time.

Secondly, data was presented outlining the current usage of paper towels by students and staff in the various bathrooms. This was translated into an amount in actual trees that this costs the environment over the course of a school year. A proposal was made through videos and skits to try and reduce the usage of paper towels by shaking for ten seconds after each wash and then folding one paper towel and drying your hands.

Hopefully the students and staff will rise to the challenge and use the shake and fold strategy to reduce their paper towel usage. Stay tuned for the spring assembly where the findings will be presented.

Kindergarten Math Games Night, Feb. 10

Tonight parents and students from the kindergarten class came to the learning commons to play a variety of math games. Multiple centers were set up that required students to work collaboratively with their parents to either solve some complex problems or play games.

One of the centers asked participants to fill a large triangle with three colors of chips. Conditions were outlined where no color of chip may be touching a chip of the same color. Students and parents talked about possible solutions and then through trial and error determined the pattern that lead to a successful solution.

Mathematical reasoning, recognizing patterns and building skills in counting numbers were used by participants when playing games such as fish, dominos and snakes and ladders.

A big thank you goes out to the kindergarten teachers for organizing the night. The learning commons chairs, tables and overall atmosphere created a welcoming and collaborative environment for all.

Dance Assembly, Jan. 29

The whole school came together in the gym to celebrate their learing within the dance unit of studies. The grade 5/6 students from Mrs. Wheatly and Ms. Franklin's class lead all the students through four dances. The various grade groups did the Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, Virginia Thrill Square Dance. Individual student performances were interspersed during the assembly show casing dance routines they had worked on during lunch hours.


Accessing MY CBE ACCOUNT (aka: the parent information portal)

Click here to access the MY CBE ACCOUNT. The cbe parent portal allows you to pay fees online, access waivers, noon supervision programs and also book parent teacher interview times online. We are currently hosting our first parent teacher interview session this year. It will be the expectation for the second parent teacher interview session that each parent book their interview times online via their CBE ACCOUNT