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Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump, June 16

All of the grade 1 and 2 students had the opportunity to go to Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump on Monday. The kids furthered their knowledge and study of aboriginal culture through visiting the traditional Blackfoot jump and world UNESCO Heritage site. The groups of students spent time with Blackfoot guides investingating traditional hunting and tool kits, watching a movie of a re-inactment of the buffalo hunt and touring outside on the actual jump. Moona remarked to one of the teachers while on the trip that this was the "highlight of her school year. Visiting a place where Blackfoot people had been hunting for the past 6000 years". The lessons learned from this event will last a lifetime. Thank you to Mr. K and Mrs. Gelfand for organizing the trip and to Ms. Turner and WD Parent Council for funding the busing and admission costs.

Sports Day, June 13

The weather held off for just enough time this morning to conduct the WD sports day. The "aboriginal games" theme was a hit with students and staff. The classes toured around 14 different stations which included two snack stations. A big thanks to the Olympic Athletes, Aboriginal guest speaker and parent volunteers for making our day a successful one.

Sharing Assembly Grade 3 & 4 's, June 5

The students in grades 3 & 4 had an opportunity to share the work they had been undertaking. Students shared their stop motion animation videos and reflections on their growth and learning.

Patrol Picnic, June 5

The students who had been a part of the patrol program at West Dover spent a wonderful day at Heritage Park with 7,000 other Calgary City and Area Patrolers. The students had ample opportunities to connect with fellow collegues and take in some of the historic attractions at the park. Special thanks to the grade 5 & 6 teachers for helping support our patrol program throughout the year.

Music Clubs Concert, June 4

The students who partipated in music clubs this past year held their culminating performance for the year. Superb performances were put on by the handbell, drum circle, choir and wind ansembles. The evening ended with a unique and intriguing performance by the choir and cup jive group. Thank you Mrs. Jackson for all your hard work with the students!


Grade 1 & 2 Sharing Night, May 28

It was a packed house at West Dover for the grade 1 & 2 spring sharing night. Students from each of the classes showcased their work to their parents. Students could be seen taking their parents through the journals explaining why they sketched the tipis and what were the next steps. Half way through the evening the parents were treated to a drumming circle where all of the students took part in drumming a nursary rhyme. Thank you to all parents for attending and demonstrating a real interest in your childs learning. It is evident you are developing an ability to ask great questions of your sons/daughters for them to demonstrate their growth.