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David Spence Visit, April 14

CTV media weatherman David Spence came and spent the morning with the grade 5 & 6 students today. David spoke to the various aspects of the discipline of measuring, tracking and reporting weather. Of specific interest to the students was the instruments the weather industry uses to measure temperature as well as the coordination world wide of the release everyday of weather balloons at 6am and 6pm. David highlighted Boyles Gas Laws and how it applied to the weather balloons bursting once they reached the ceiling of the atmosphere. Special thanks to the grade 5 & 6 teachers who coordinated David's visit to the school as part of their studies.

Kindies explore animal artifacts, April 14-16

This week the kindergarten students have been exploring a variety of animal artifacts including beaver and porcupine skulls, fox pelts, bear claws, a sperm whale tooth. All to help prepare them for their field trip to the zoo and understanding more about animal adaptations in their ecosystems.

Comparing Movies to Texts, April 15

Students in grade 3 & 4 watched the first Harry Potter movie this weekin class. They were looking to compare it to the book they had just read. Character comparisions and the interpretation of various aspects of the characters are the items students will be discussing in upcoming classes.


Google Docs as a collaborative learning tool, April 15

Students in grade 3 & 4 have been working on writing their responses to the book Huck Fin in google docs. The students and teachers have found this tool to be very effective and efficient way to provide feedback and comments to each other. Students are finding this a very engaging way to work with each other in ways that are not limited to the four walls of the classroom. Teachers have said that they are very impressed that students are viewing each others work at home from their home devices and completing their homework in the digital format.

Accessing MY CBE ACCOUNT (aka: the parent information portal)

Click here to access the MY CBE ACCOUNT. The cbe parent portal allows you to pay fees online, access waivers, noon supervision programs and also book parent teacher interview times online. We are currently hosting our first parent teacher interview session this year. It will be the expectation for the second parent teacher interview session that each parent book their interview times online via their CBE ACCOUNT